Friday, January 06, 2006

TA Assignment and Knowledge Quest

I got my TA assignment today; I'm TAing the same class I did last semester: Intro to Organic Chemistry. Since I did it last semester, I'm hoping this semester will be a breeze to TA then. I meet my students Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, I'll have some entertaining stories soon.
I'm also taking 2 classes this of now. I might freak out before Monday and drop one of them. I don't have take that second class, but I want the knowledge. And I know if I audit the course, I won't gain the knowledge. So I've decided to go into turbonerdiness and have a crazy busy semester. Here's to the Quest for Knowledge! Good luck all you other turbonerds this semester - study, study, study!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Year of the Same Bad Smells

Happy New Year! Well, I finally made it back into lab today. Briefly. Yesterday and currently I'm in the library working on coming up with that wonderful original idea. The lab stunk. It always smells, but after working in there for so long, you don't realize it. This morning it was a new smell though. I wasn't going to stay in there and get a headache or something worse. So I guess it's the same ol', just a new year...back at school working in a smelly chemistry lab. Josh claims that my whole building smells. I don't smell it though which makes me wonder if I smelled like the chemistry building, would I realize it?? Not a good situation.