Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Splish Splash

Mamaw and Papa Time

So glad that Mamaw and Papa came to watch the kids for us during the Race. I know the kids enjoyed them!

I've Created a Monster

You think I'm talking about Casen, right?



This is me Monday morning. I used the guise to have Casen wear a medal (the one from last year) so I could take yet another picture of myself with the medal (this time I'm wearing my Marathon shirt).

Don't worry - God has humbled me. I walked around yesterday like Frankenstein because my legs were even stiffer than they were on Monday. Today, I limped around for 3 hours because my foot arch was in major pain.

I am excited that Case has taken to racing now. He runs and wants an audience. Maybe one day he can do the Kid's Marathon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

OKC Memorial Marathon

I got to run the 5K leg of the marathon again this year. A few observations:
1. This year I was on a team called The Scientists - we were a team full of profs (and one admissions guy who gladly filled in at the last minute). As The Scientists, we did pretty well.
2. I didn't really train this year. It was hard to find time to work out this semester with having to work so much and having a newborn and a 2-yr-old. My goal was to run the entire 5 K. Mission accomplished.
3. I enjoyed it more than last year - I didn't feel like I was going to die during the running.
4. I was pretty proud of myself by the time I got to the exchange point. Probably a little too much: While I was running, I thought that I wished I had a shirt saying I'm running and just had a baby 4 months ago. ha! I told a girl next to me on the shuttle that I had had a baby in December. And yes, I even wore my tags and medal into the restaurant for brunch afterwards. Don't worry, I'm not wearing my medal to school tomorrow - just my participation shirt.
5. I have some great family and friends! Josh's mom and stepdad came up and watched the kids so we could leave before dawn to get to the race. My parents made signs and cheered us on. Friends and family texted and facebooked encouragement.
6. I'm really sore now. Whew! Apparently, NOT TRAINING wasn't the smartest thing to do. So I'll probably be limping my marathon shirt!

Josh + Amanda = Fun (and Love too)

Happy 1st Birthday Graeson!

We got to go down yesterday for Graeson's First Birthday - I can't believe he's already a year old! It was sooo good to see everybody. The party was great - aren't the decorations and cake awesome?!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 30th Adub!

Tomorrow is April's birthday, but her husband Clint planned a surprise party for her yesterday. We had a good time surprising her, eating the yummy food, and visiting with everybody. There was a lot of kids there and "new" toys so our boys played and played. You can see that Josh and I had fun with the kids too - Josh at the kid table and Liam on the bookshelf.