Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can You Tell They're Brothers?!

Case and Liam - both at 1 month....and can you tell that Josh is their Daddy?!

My Favorite Thing To Do With Liam

Cuddle and take a nap together.

Liam's First Month

Some of my favorite shots of Liam this past month.

Liam Turns One Month!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cousins in the Snow

More pics from the day before Liam was born. JJ took the kids outside to play in the snow.


I found these pictures on my computer. They are from the day before Liam was born so I hadn't posted them yet...kinda got sidetracked. Go figure, right?

Case and Jaci are pals. They have so much fun together. They also ask about each other too. I can't wait until they are together again. They colored together for awhile (with Jaci giving Case directions or maybe Case did something that she needed to comment upon ha!) until Case got bored and decided his cars were calling his name!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Casen's Tea Party - boy style

Read my mom's blog entry about having a tea party with Casen - typical boy antics!

Casen asked for water this time. This met that he slurped water and spilled it many times. Thank goodness he has an easy-going Immie!

PawPaw and Memaw Visit

They brought Christmas gifts and their new puppy. Case was overjoyed about getting a car and a visit from a little puppy!
PawPaw and Memaw enjoyed meeting Liam.

Bunny and Casen

If Bunny is around, Casen thinks they need to play together. And nobody else can play with them - Casen's rule.

I Promise I Comb His Hair

This is What Tired Parents Look Like...

I look twelve. Apparently, looking tired makes me look young.

How to Take 2 Kids to the Mall

1. It helps to have at least one other adult with you, but two other adults accompanying you and the kids would probably be better. Mom and I barely made it - as you will understand after reading the rest of the tips.

2. I highly recommend a baby sling to carry the newborn. He will probably sleep the entire time since you are walking and rocking him. It also prevents strangers from touching your baby.

3. It probably would be best to eat breakfast BEFORE you go to the mall. You might think its a simple method to go get some coffees and cinnamon rolls and eat them. It used to be simple. Now it is complicated. Chances are your two-year-old will see the train ride and keep demanding "Choo Choo!" over and over.

4. Bring plenty of change for the Choo Choo because rides now cost a dollar. Yes that's right, a whole dollar.

5. As you park the stroller over by the chairs and table, remember to REMOVE the coffee cups from the stroller BEFORE you release the child from the stroller. Because you now have two kids, you have loaded the stroller down with all kinds of things you "might" need. Of course, once the kid is removed from the stroller, the stroller will tip backwards launching coffee everywhere.

6. Prepare yourself that your two-year-old will probably be afraid of the Choo Choo ride. He will just want to walk around the ride but riding it is out of the question. He will have to be carried away and forced back into the stroller. (This is where another adult is essential. Having the baby in the sling across your chest pretty much makes you useless in this situation.)

7. Now it's time to actually try to accomplish what you came to the mall for in the first place. Pick a store that has a TV playing a kids' cartoon. Of course, your child will probably rearrange the chairs putting his favorite color (orange) right in front of the TV with the other chairs lined up behind it. Hopefully, no other kids will come in close proximity to the TV. When it's time to leave, your son will probably turn around and yell, "NOOOO!" like you are kidnapping him.

8. To avoid other yells, you will bribe him by telling him you will visit the playground. This will get him out of the store but then he sees the magical moving stairs (escalators). You agree to take him on the "ride" while the other adult finishes the shopping. Thankfully, he will forget about the playground promise.

9. Somehow you make it back through the department store without the 2-year-old in the stroller. You successfully reign him in - even with the baby strapped to your chest. You are beginning to be an expert baby slinger, er, baby-slinger-wearer. No dishes are knocked over even though you guys walk through the kitchen section without the second adult present.

10. You make it to the car when the baby wakes up wanting to nurse. You had tried to nurse him while the other kid was watching a cartoon in the store, but the baby didn't want to wake up (I knew that sling is comfortable!). On the car ride home, you decide maybe next time you'll bring 2 or 3 other adults. And you also know why you rarely see families with 3 kids at the mall. It must be next to impossible.

A Part of Me was Too Tired to Care...

Casen's cheese disappeared. Josh found it stuck to the bottom of my to which Casen proceeds to eat it then tries to feed it to Daddy. I didn't know whether to cry because with a little boy a house never stays clean for long OR to laugh...either way, I wasn't quick enough to stop Case from eating some of that cheese.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The First Days

Life with two boys (okay, well three if you count the husband : ) is quite an adventure already. I'm learning how to balance life with a two-year-old and a newborn. Here are some highlights:

Labor and delivery was different with Liam. I was expecting something similar since I was being induced again. Labor was a bit easier, but the delivery was a little more difficult. Liam was turned with his face up instead of down - but after a little prayer to God he was turned quickly and was delivered pretty quick.

As it was with Casen's birth, all the pain was worth it once they laid him on my chest. Especially when he looked at me and smiled. I'll never forget that moment. Read about the labor and delivery through Josh's view - a Daddy's perspective.

Casen's reaction to Liam has been heart-warming to watch. From the time he met Liam in the hospital, he has been excited about "the baby." He loves on him by rubbing his head next to his head - being very gentle. He will be running by the baby but will randomly stop and give Liam a kiss then keep on running to his destination. Case shows no resentment towards Liam as to which I am thankful. He did seem a little mad or put-out with me though. Until we had some time together without the baby at lunch on Tuesday. While we colored and talked, Case would randomly give me a kiss and a hug and then go back to his play. I teared up because I had my boy back I felt like. I think the reality of Baby Liam staying with us permanently is sinking in with Casen. He's been a bit more defiant, but overall, Casen's doing great. He has caught on that the perfect time to do something he's not supposed to do is when I'm nursing Liam. Especially if nobody else is home. The little genius.

Liam is more easy-going than Casen was as a newborn. I am thankful for that. I feel like that is allowing me the energy to be a good mom to Case and Liam. Liam sleeps usually for longer periods of time (2-5 hours) while Case probably woke up every hour. Liam also is fine sitting in his chair or swing and watching everybody for small periods of time. This gives me time to play with Case or do some chore.

We've had a lot of help from family and friends - visits, meals, house-cleaning. What a blessing! Without all of these wonderful people, we would be living in filth without cooked meals. Okay, maybe not that bad, but we would definitely be more tired from having to clean more and would be living on cereal.

Liam knows our voices already. In the hospital, when I was holding him, Josh was talking to me. Liam turned his head and found where his Daddy's voice was coming from. If Liam hears me talk, he will locate me then proceed to usually communicate that he needs to eat. In terms of Casen's voice, I think Liam is familiar with it. Along with all the other noises and loudness that only his two-year-old brother can produce. As a result, Liam is already a pro at blocking out the noise (and physical interaction such as poking or kissing) when sleeping. It seems Liam is learning other voices as well - of his Immie, Bunny, and Mamaw too.

When we had Casen, we were a bit worried about our dogs' reactions to the new bundle of joy. They did fine. Newman was pretty much oblivious, and Padme was protective and interested in the baby. We weren't worried this time around. The dogs are pretty much oblivious. Sometimes when Case is climbing the walls and being loud, Padme shoots me a look as if to say, "If that was my kid, he'd be under control." In terms of Liam, I can imagine Padme saying, "Great, they decided to have another wild hooligan." To all of this I reply, "Don't judge me Padme."

Probably my favorite times so far is while I'm up at night with Liam. Okay, okay, I know that getting up in the middle of the night is not fun. And I do miss sleep. But I know I will miss that time with Liam when he starts sleeping through the night. Liam is awake about 2 hours in the middle of the night - eating, diaper-changing, and cuddling. It's the one time that I can just focus on Liam and talk to him without any distractions. Of course, if he wakes up an hour after I put him back down, then I'm not too happy. I do need some sleep. And that's where having a wonderful husband like Josh comes in handy. Josh has taken over the duty of rocking Liam when he wakes up extra AND when Case wakes up in the night.

Finally, I love that Liam smiles A LOT for a newborn. He seems so happy. I know they say that babies don't really smile at this young of an age. But Liam does - he smiles when he is cuddled or talked to sweet. As proof, here is a picture of Liam with his Immie holding him. She had been sweet-talking to him, and then he turned towards my voice and smiled. Sigh.