Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Lines From Today

Tulle came over to play this afternoon to have a break from her new little sister Talla. There's a big difference between a 4-year-old-girl and an almost-3-year-old-boy. Here are some of the best lines I heard today:

Tulle: You can't come in here - this is my room. [She's in the corner area that is Casen's "cave".]

[Casen just stands in there looking at her like she's crazy.]

Tulle: This is a GIRL'S room! It smells like a girl.

Casen: No, it smells like poop! [Wicked laugh.]

Tulle is pretending she is Repunzel, Case and Liam are brothers, and I'm the mom. She is calling me Mom.

Casen: [To Tulle] You not her mom. [To me] You my mama. [Panicked cry]

Tulle: Do you want to play Mommy and Daddy?

Casen: No, Daddy is not here.

Tulle: No, you can be the Daddy.


Tulle: [With a baby doll under shirt] Come on Daddy, let's go.

Casen: I'm not the Daddy. [Walks off.]

Every time he addresses Tulle:
Casen: Jaci!

And last but not least:
I walk into the dining room to Tulle saying she has a baby now and pulling the baby out from her shirt as Case is screaming. I'm pretty sure he didn't like the fact that the baby was in her shirt.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liam's 1st Year

This is a song I have sung to both the boys from the time I was expecting them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

This was the best picture we could manage...but it reflects our family right now...

1. Despite the busyness of having 2 little boys, Josh and I are still in love. It'll be 10 years of marriage bliss on Thursday!

2. Liam is a Mama's boy and loves his bottle.

3. Case sure does love his Daddy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Uncle Jor Jor is Here....

...and that means Liam is getting held by Jor Jor.

Christmas Eve Morning

Two great blessings on Christmas Eve Morning:

1. Eating breakfast with happy L Child

2. Getting to hold less-than-one-day-old Talla

Latest Favorite Activity at Our House

Wrestling in Liam's crib amongst a million stuffed animals

Reason #512 I'm Glad My Mom Lives Here Now

I rarely bake. I don't cook a lot.
I probably wouldn't have gotten Christmas cookies baked and decorated this year. Thanks that Immie had the boys cut the cookies out, baked them during naptime, and then we all decorated them after naps. The kids had a blast! Can't you tell from Liam's hair? He was rubbing cookie in it.

Casen's First Movie

Josh and I took Case to his first movie at the theater. At the advice of his JJ, we took him to the dollar theater in case he didn't last.

It was a short movie - good thing! It was only a little over an hour, and C asked me about 15 times if it was over. Despite his attention waning, I think he liked the whole experience. Case calls movies a "B" -I think "B" came from "DVD." He liked the "Big B" at the "Movie House."


Case got to spend his first overnight trip away from home by himself a couple weekends ago. He visited his Jaci and JJ - and had a blast! We picked him up in Chickasha and took the boys to the Lights. We had a good time. It was a great night to go because it wasn't that cold. We spun under the big Christmas tree and got dizzy. Casen "hid" in a stable made of lights. We got to pet the stable animals - I got to pet a cow!

Liam's Cake

Liam turns one in two days! Can you believe it?

We are having Liam's birthday party at the 1.5 year mark, but we wanted him to have his first cake at one year old. Liam didn't agree. He got his hands dirty and that was it - he would have none of that cake! Good thing he gets a party in June!

Nichols Christmas

The weekend before Christmas we had a good time with the Nichols fam. Watching the kids play is a blast!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I got free tickets to a Thunder game earlier this month - woohoo! Josh and I had a date nite to see a fun game. It was our first time to see the Thunder in person.

Decorating the Tree

It was a special year to decorate our Christmas tree. It was Liam's first time, and he is old enough to get into everything. This has been the first time that Case knows fully what is going on with Christmas. Santa Claus is coming. We decorate the tree. It was a fun night!