Saturday, February 18, 2006

Riding the Van

Our church has started picking children up in Stillwater in vans on Wednesday nights. It's reminiscient of "joy buses" from a couple of decades ago. Anyway, I've had the opportunity of being a co-pilot three times so far...which basically means I make sure they buckle up and can open their snacks. Oh, and I'm soppossed to be the navigator, but as my friends and family know, I have no sense of direction. Usually, if the driver has a question about where to go next, I show him the map. It's quite an experience - I've gone on 3 different routes now so I've met 3 different groups of kids. Sometimes it's a difficult job and sad when you hear some of them talk about their lives...but it's always rewarding. All these kids come to church for different reasons...some because they want to know more about God...others because they get to ride in a van and get snacks...others because church is a better place to spend a couple of hours than home...but no matter the reason, seeds are being planted. I guess that's the main reason I co-pilot.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nothing New Here

So it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Mainly I've been busy with school and working, and nothing interesting has happened in my labs. So a bit of a diversion from the usual chemistry stories to what's going on lately in my life.
Last night, Josh and I went to a Stillwater High School basketball game. We wanted to do something with the community - outside the University life. We had a good time. It was a flashback to being in high school...and it was $5 for one person to get into the game. I thought that was a bit high (ok, so I'm a bit of a cheapskate); it's only high school ball. But I guess we had a $10 worth of fun.
On another random tangent, I've been doing different things for my work out. Usually, I do the elliptical machine and lift weights. This semester I've started taking aerobics/toning classes along with a spin class. I only can do ONE spin class a week though - it kills me. I never knew you could work out so many different muscles riding a bike.
Well, maybe next time I'll have more news than high school basketball and spin class. Of course, the mundane does have some merit in life.
Until Next Time.