Friday, July 30, 2010

Okay...I know this is WAAAY too many pictures...

...but really, is there a limit on great choo-choo pictures?!?

Especially when Cow the Pig is the engineer?

Casen's New Tricycle

What happens when Case goes with Bunny and Immie to Wal-Mart?

Bunny lets Case sit on the red tricycle.

Bunny buys Case the bike.

(Are you listening to this day you will need to use this tactic.)

Attack of the Baby

Casen can drive us crazy with his LOUD lawnmower (hence, its usually put up in the closet)....until Liam can now get his own revenge. Catch the lawnmower! Run Case Run!

How To Bathe A Baby and a 2-Yr-Old

1. Start running the water. The sound will send the boys running (and crawling) into the bathroom. As the 2-yr-old says, "It's BATHTIIIMMME!!!"

2. Get the 2-yr-old in the tub first while the baby is trying to climb up your leg yelling (because he wants in the tub NOW!)

3. Bathe the 2-yr-old first. This is important to do BEFORE you put the baby in the tub. Otherwise, the baby likes to crawl and go swimming in the tub while you are preoccupied washing the 2-yr-old's hair.

4. Bathe the 2-yr-old as QUICKLY as you can with the baby climbing on your back and pulling up on the tub.

5. Strip that baby down and put him in the water! Ah, he's content for the moment.

6. Wrestle baby while you attempt to wash him. Try to keep the splashes from the 2-yr-old away from baby's face.

7. Give up protecting baby's face. He doesn't mind the splashes and yells at his brother when he stops playing with him.

8. Wash that sweet potato gunk off baby's eyebrows.

9. Let the brothers play together.

10. What what were you thinking? Baby won't leave his brother alone - he's climbing up on him and pulling his hair.

11. Continue to let them play together in the tub. They DO enjoy their bathtimes together so much.

12. Okay, take baby out. After his tenth attempt to stand up in the tub and giving Mama a heart attack when he falls in the water, baby's turn in the tub is over!

13. Get baby dressed on the floor while the water drains. The 2-yr-old won't get out of the tub unless ALL the water is gone!

14. Get the 2-yr-old out of the tub and get him dressed for bed.

15. Remind yourself its almost bedtime so you can shower and cool off yourself soon!

Pet Alligator

Casen and his wild imagination has been seeing alligators everywhere at home. He picks a baby alligator up and will bring it over to me.

Casen: Look! Aw, a baby alligator!

Me: Oh! That's kind of scary!

Casen: Pet it. (puts his hand with the imaginary alligator towards my face)

Me: No thank you.

Casen: Pet it! (with a wild grin on his face.)

Me: Won't it bite me?

Casen: Pet it! Pet it! Pet it! (with a wicked grin and his hand with the alligator going towards my face).

I cave and pet the alligator which bites me. Casen runs off laughing. Crazy kid.

Okay, and maybe I deserve it if I'm egging it all on now - but its so funny!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things I've Missed Not Hanging Out With Chem Nerds

1. Hearing the words "diffusion" thrown casually into conversation.

2. Feeling like I'm dressed trendy.

3. Clarification that you are talking about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

4. Laughing at the idea of ether being heated.

5. Hearing a crack about those organic chemists.

Scary Things

Things that scare my children: the laughing, rolling dog...

Things that scare me: doll holding doll.

We Have an Explorer on Our Hands

This is Liam investigating the childlock after he managed to open the Entertainment Center's door, swung holding onto the door, and got wedged between the door and a roller skate.

I'm now realizing we had it easy with Case. He didn't really get into drawers and cabinets. I think Liam will be a different story. He went again today to see if the doors were off-limits still.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I Hear on a Regular Basis....

"I want to ride baby!"
(Said as Case is straddling Liam while he crawls - thankfully he only has sat on Liam once. We then had a conversation about how baby is too little for someone to ride or sit on him.)

"I _____ baby." (insert kick, hit, slap, push, etc.)
(To Casen's credit, he always asks first and hasn't actually done any of those things to him. Just testing the boundaries. At least he asks.)

"Oh no Baby!"
(Said as Liam reaches for Casen's train tracks.)

"Baby is cold - I get blankets!"

"No, no Baby!"
(Said as Liam is reaching for items off-limits (cords, etc.))
followed by:
"Mama, no, no Baby!"

"I make milk."
(Followed by a wicked laugh as he stands by the breast pump.)
"Only Mamas make milk."

"I make choo choo."
(Out of anything - blocks, other toys, etc.)

"Baby's crying."

"Baby's wake."

"Baby's tired."
(Said when Liam is fussy and needs a nap.)

"I can't do it."

"Right there."
(Said with a great Oklahoman accent.)

And my personal favorite:
"I heard that."
(Said at the perfect times. Like when my dad was mocking him, and Case came around the corner and says without missing a beat, "I heard that." Or the other time when someone made a bodily function, Case while "reading" his train paper says without looking up, "I heard that.")

Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Days


Indoor Playground


Playing Outside


Big Boy Baths for Both Boys

4th of July hamburgers cooked on the grill

Big Days for Liam

Liam is now an avid crawler. Usually, his crawl involves his back left leg having a hitch. He won't put that knee down but crawls with his left foot and right knee. Its quite funny!

He's also started pulling up to his knees. Crazy! Wednesday, I went in to check on him during his "naptime", and he had pulled up in his crib. We had to drop the crib that night as a result (thanks Dad and Josh!). Liam is so proud of himself when he does things like this. I'm excited for him, but I'm also thinking, You can't start pulling up yet!

Last week Liam started having meats along with his veggies. He likes chicken, turkey most of the time, and NO to ham! We'll try ham again later. It still amazes me how different the boys are from one another. Case never liked baby food or cereal, and really didn't start eating table food well until he was weaned at 13 months. Liam is another story. That kid can eat! He grunts and yells when you don't feed him fast enough - especially if its sweet potatoes!