Friday, July 09, 2010

Big Days for Liam

Liam is now an avid crawler. Usually, his crawl involves his back left leg having a hitch. He won't put that knee down but crawls with his left foot and right knee. Its quite funny!

He's also started pulling up to his knees. Crazy! Wednesday, I went in to check on him during his "naptime", and he had pulled up in his crib. We had to drop the crib that night as a result (thanks Dad and Josh!). Liam is so proud of himself when he does things like this. I'm excited for him, but I'm also thinking, You can't start pulling up yet!

Last week Liam started having meats along with his veggies. He likes chicken, turkey most of the time, and NO to ham! We'll try ham again later. It still amazes me how different the boys are from one another. Case never liked baby food or cereal, and really didn't start eating table food well until he was weaned at 13 months. Liam is another story. That kid can eat! He grunts and yells when you don't feed him fast enough - especially if its sweet potatoes!

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April said...

He's getting so big! Wow! Impressive that he's eating so well! Heidi liked a lot of veggies and fruits but didn't like meat for a long time. I guess it was a texture thing.