Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Small Group

Last Monday night our small group from church helped with the Fall Festival that is held at our church and put on by the Rainbow School. We had a good time. Josh and I took care of the bowling booth...by the 217th time of resetting up the pins I was tired! haha
We really enjoy our small group...everyone is so encouraging and fun. This is a picture of mostly everybody in our group; we were missing a few people.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Pics

Josh's cousin sent me a few more pics so I wanted to share..aren't the kids adorable??

Memories from Seeing Friends This Weekend

1. Josh and I were waiting at the IHOP for his cousin to show us the way to his house and for my friend April. A truck pulls up with two guys in it, and Josh says, "That's Cody!" We go to either side, and I'm about to hug "Cody"...uh, it wasn't him. Some random stranger that Josh and I were going to welcome to IHOP.

2. April and I going to "work" at the Texas State Library. We were detoured first trying to find the student union so I could eat something. When we finally found the library and got settled we mostly talked and sometimes laughed too loud.

3. We met up with Adam later that day to go to the outlet malls...it's the biggest temptation to go with the two biggest shoppers ever. I did well though..I bought Josh a xmas gift, two shirts for myself, and a pair of boots. Better than I did last spring break (sigh).

4. Josh met up with us and then we all met Elizabeth at a German restaurant. I had pork shnitzel which was surpisingly good. It was good to see Elizabeth and reminensce about our high school chemistry lab days. Elizabeth was our "odd job girl" - she couldn't even measure water back then. Now she majored in biology and minored in chemistry and teaches biology. Very impressive.

5. Saturday I got to go see my friend Sara, her husband, and her little boy Alex. I had never met him..the last time I saw Sara she was pregnant with him. He was funny and cute - just like all the stories Sara tells me. I had a good time visiting with them and ate GOOD Mexican food!

6. Sunday was a long day. After church and lunch (good Mexican food again) and a quick trip to April's to see her new piano, the 9 hours drive was LONG. Josh and I switched off and slept a lot. I don't think I'll take I-35 again down there...it was too busy almost the whole way..even outside of Austin and Fort Worth. I think I'll take the back state highways next time. Living in Oklahoma so long has made me too gentle to drive in Texas I think!


This past weekend we got to see some of Josh's family in San Marcos. We had a good time seeing his aunt and uncle and all his cousins (and their kids). I had a fun time playing with the kids...Mariah who I think is 9 now was our flower girl in our wedding. The 4 younger ones were full of energy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh so sleepy!

I have never been this tired before in my life. I'm so tired I can't sleep. I zone out almost instantly while I'm sitting or standing around. I'm kinda afraid that I'll never be able to really sleep again and I'll go around the rest of my life feeling like I got ran over by a truck.
In the last 60 hours or so I've had about 5 hours of sleep. I stayed up two nights to finish my proposal. I think the adrenaline or something was keeping me awake. One of my students asked me today in lab if I felt tired...apparently, I look like I got ran over by a truck.
I'm waiting to take care of something at school and then I'm going home. I'll relax watching LOST and then I'm going to sleep, sleep, sleep. And not have nightmares of the proposal needing to still be written.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dental Woes

I went to the dentist today...I hadn't had a cleaning in maybe 10 years..maybe more like 8 years. That's the bad thing about grad school - I get health insurance but no dental insurance. The good thing though now is my husband has a job with dental insurance. My teeth were suprisingly pretty clean, but of course I had cavities. And I am going to have a crown put on a tooth (a back molar thank goodness). The dentist was really nice...we talked about hydroxyapatite...a bioactive material found in bone and teeth and a material I make in the lab. Hydroxyapatite when used as or on an implant will grow into the bone. It was neat to listen to the doctor's experience firsthand with the hydroxyapatite implants they use. I think people secretly like to talk about nerdy things...whenever people find out I'm studying chemistry, most people will talk about "chemistry things" with me. I of course secretly love it too! ha!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Matrix

Josh and I were able to purchase a new car today! It's a 2005 Toyota Matrix...we really like it! It handles well (like a small car) and has a lot of room in the back (great for traveling with the dogs). It has a CD player and a sunroof. And we love the name. ha!

Friday, October 06, 2006

LOST premiere

Josh and I were impressed with the LOSt premiere. During the first scene when all the people ran out of their houses during the "earthquake" I started shouting, "Those are the Others!" I like that new Other girl (Supergirl) - I think there's a power struggle between her and the Other leader. I can't wait until we find out next week what's happening to the rest of the people on the island. Maybe after that we'll find out if Michael and Walt are back in the real world yet.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Newman and Padme

Our dogs hadn't gotten on my blog recently...ok, yes they have. But what's a couple more pictures??
Now that Newman is fully recovered, he and Padme wrestle all the time. Here they are trying to get the shirt off Newman. Unlike his Uncle Thaddeus, Newman does NOT like wearing clothes.

Orange Peel 2006

Saturday night we went to Orange Peel at school. We got to my building early so we could get free parking. Then we ordered some pizza with Megan (a fellow chemist friend) and her fiance Joe. We didn't have seats together, but we walked over to the stadium together.

We watched Hero Factor, a local band out of Tulsa. They were surprisingly good, especially for a band who hasn't been "discovered" yet. Then we watched Bill Engvall and then listened to Alan Jackson. I wasn't ever a big Alan Jackson fan until I saw him live. He was great!