Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall In Full Swing

1. At 3, H is very entertaining...

She currently poses for pics with a thumbs up or jazz hands.
Notice that freaky mask covering her face. Though entertaining, it's a bit creepy.
2....except her fits. Then she's not so entertaining.

3. We're in full swing of sports: baseball and soccer. 

4. I'm surviving the start of the semester with coffee. 

And so is H....

Kidding people. She steals my mom's cooled London Fog.
5. On our free evenings, everyone now is old enough to play games. 
It's one of my favorite things to do with the kids.

C is practicing his Vegas roll.

6. I got to see one of my favorite bands for the first time thanks to Josh.

The Avett Brothers - and Bonus! Jordan and Chris were here and got to go with us.

7. I've gotten to see a lot of family this month: siblings, cousins, and Mamaw.

And more are visiting tomorrow!
 8. School is picking up as classes get busier and events are getting more frequent.
I got to catch up with Oxford friends in person.

J got to meet my Museum of the Bible peeps.
Ran into Heather the curator.


Got to hear Ted give a lecture.

My co-author Myron got to visit to recruit and to speak at OC.

Off-campus-friend lunches/coffee began again.
I got to meet up with Adub and Pam already this semester.
I've gotten to speak at a few different venues. Here's me with the incoming Honors freshmen. 
Josh got to speak too at this event. It was a fun experience.
I'll probably blog more about this later, but for now: I'm thankful for the experience and enjoying it overall.

9. One of the things I'm especially thankful for are the little moments when the kids seem to really love each other.

Especially amongst the wildness that ensues from day-to-day.