Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some of my Favorites Recently...

Casen loves his bathtime. He just like to sit in the water and look around. He also will swing his leg out of the hammock into the water.
Monday, we ran some errands. We also visited Ms. Jennifer (she gave him the horse outfit) and Daddy at work.
Yesterday, he started smiling more. He loves to be sung to and have his arms move. We sang Patty-Cake and My God Is So Big. Today, he talked back to me for the first time when I was talking and playing with him. You could tell he was struggling to find a way to communicate. I bet he laughs soon - as soon as he figures it out.

First Sunday at Church

Casen went to church for the first time this past Sunday. We made it all the way until the preacher got up there - then it was time to go eat! Isn't our Little Man handsome?

Meeting More Family

This past weekend, we had family come up to visit. Casen got to meet his uncle and aunts and cousins. He also got to see his Mamaw and Papa again. We got to see our little niece Jacilayne again - we hadn't seen her since she was born. She was the happiest baby I've ever been around. She would laugh and coo at you to get your attention. She was precious!

Monday, February 25, 2008

First Smile (Kinda)

I was taping Casen this morning. He was laying out on the floor watching his toys and us walking around. Last night, he reached for a toy in his crib - he does it again on this video. It's a dinosaur his cousin Clint gave him. Then at the end of the video (it's kinda long, so wait for it!), he smiles!!! He smiled at me later in the day twice. They were definitely smiles. He's been smiling for Immie today, too. Of course, I think Case is the most advanced baby ever! haha

Friday, February 22, 2008

More Fun with Immie

When I was little, I had a satin pillowcase I carried around with me (like a blankie). Mom had one made for Casen. It's beautiful!
There's also some pictures of Casen after his bath - isn't his bathrobe adorable? He looks like a little man.

3 Weeks Old

Casen was 3 weeks old at 2:55 PM on Wednesday. He's already gotten bigger! We're using the big dog that his Meemaw got him to show how he's getting bigger (we'll take pictures with it every so often).

Meeting Immie

We've had a good time so far with my mom (aka Immie). Casen already recognizes her voice and is enjoying his Immie!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Visiting Dad's Work

Last week, Casen got to visit his Daddy's work. Everybody oohed and awed over him. He was a cutie in his outfit that read "I heart Mom" and "I heart Dad".

Aunt April's Quilt

Casen received a quilt made by his Aunt April - isn't it beautiful? And isn't Casen oh so very handsome?

Kansas Visitors

Back when we were in the hospital, my family from Kansas came to see us. Casen got to meet some cousins and aunts. He enjoyed being held by all! My dad played with Clint and Meg a lot (notice the gloves on Clint's feet) - he's going to be a great Grandpa!!!