Friday, February 27, 2009

The Color of Failure

The last two weeks in chemistry lab, we have done titrations! Titrations are always fun. Basically (no pun intended), the students standardize the concentration of a base solution then find the molecular weight of an unknown acid. In order to see when the acid and base has neutralized, we use an indicator called phenolphthalein which is colorless in acidic solution, but pink in basic solutions. To be the most accurate, you want to add enough base to your acid until you have a light pink solution. Of course, you usually get a bright pink solution the first time you do a titration (at least) because you don't know how much base to add. It's usually a competition between the students to see who can get the lightest shade of pink. I of course egg this on by "showcasing" the best solutions. Then the students have bragging rights -which they definitely use. Last week though, I heard one guy exclaim, "Oh man! I added to much! That is the color of failure!"

Apparently, he believed that the fuschia color was failure. Actually, he just knew better next time how much base to add.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student Excuses

1. I don't think its fair that you cover information that is NOT in the text book!
2. I learned it a different way in high school.
3. I learned it a better way in high school.
4. I didn't study any of the material that you put on the exam (of which I wanted to reply, " didn't study then?")
5. I'm not really a [insert subject]-type person.

These are some of the excuses I have heard last semester and this semester...sometimes not to me directly, but overhead to another professor.
Of course, I'm pretty sure I said some of these when I was a student too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


After we sang Happy Birthday and Case blew the candle out (with a little help), he opened his gifts. Actually, he discovered the train behind the table so that's all he was interested in playing with at the time. Jaci also was interested in the cool train as well. So Josh opened the gifts and showed them Case. Casen really just wondered around playing with some new toy he got or a balloon. Or a box or a gift bag. You know, the fun things. ha!

Birthday Guests

Here are some of the pictures I got of Case with some of his guests. We had a good time with everyone!


I baked the cake, and Josh used all those Art & Design classes he took in college (due to his first major) in decorating the birthday cake. It looked great! We got the food ready for grilling out. The girls helped me decorate the house.

Birthday Fall

I think it was my first birthday (it might have been my 2nd) when I fell on a counter (or maybe a coffee table? Ok, I probably should have had my mom recap the story for me ha!). I ended up busting my top lip where I have a tiny scar today.
It must run in the family but to a lesser degree.
While Josh and I were getting ready for the party, Uncle Jar asked if Case could go outside with him. After putting his shoes on him, Uncle Jar took him outside. They came back in shortly later. Case had been on the trampoline. Uncle Jar said that Case had looked at him with an onery look and had taken off running across the trampoline. Uncle Jar made it to the other side, but Case beat him and fell and hit his head on the bar. Ouch! He was alright, but had a nasty bruise and bump right in time for the party. Poor birthday boy! He didn't cry much though so he's a tough boy!

Birthday Weekend Begins!

Friday afternoon of Case's birthday, we drove down to Josh's brother's house. Case had a good time Friday and Saturday playing with his Uncle Jar, Aunt Ockie, and his two cousins Kota and Tana.

Casen Turns 1 Year!!!

My baby turned a year! Can you believe it??!!

He had a birthday breakfast cooked by his Daddy.

Snow Days!

Back last month, we had snow and a lot of ice. School was cancelled about 2 days. It was fun for the three of us to hang out in the house all day. By the 2nd day, Case was getting cabin fever.
He loves to play outside, but falling in the ice-covered grass was not fun! He would be stuck because he didn't want to get his hands wet and cold. I don't blame him!
After playing in the front yard, we went to the backyard. The dogs ran around showing off for Case. Case would stand and yell at the dogs - I guess because they were so wound up. The picture of Case with just his diaper on is after we came inside to change. Of course, he needed to run around the house a minute before putting on dry clothes.