Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Casen

Born January 30, 2008...10 days over the due date - glad you finally got here boy!

Birthday Breakfast for your first birthday.

2nd Birthday Lunch

3rd Birthday - you don't look like a baby anymore!

4th Birthday - race car boy!

5th Birthday Breakfast

Monday, January 21, 2013

Belly Shots of the 1st Part of 2nd Trimester

17.5 weeks pg with C

About 14 weeks pg with L (poor 2nd child, I don't have as many consistent belly shots of him!)

16 weeks pg with Baby #3

Looks like I'm about the same size with this baby as I was with L Child, but I feel a bit smaller. Guess I'll see as time goes along.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday This Year

I turned the big 32 this year.
I received lots of well wishes, cards, and gifts - I felt blessed and loved.
My favorite gifts were the ones given by the boys.

L Child bought me this card. Then we worked on the puzzle. If you know me well, you might know that I'm awful at puzzles. Awful. This puzzle was especially torture because most of the pieces fit together. It wasn't until I had an eye where the legs were that I realized L Child and I needed to start again. 

Casen's special gift were glitter pencils. He even sharpened them for me and drew a bunch of pictures and gave me some arts lessons on drawing aliens and astronauts and rocket ships.

C got me an interactive card as well. Then L Child got me the new Spiderman movie (probably partially in hopes that he will get to watch it; he did get to see some clips of his hero). C got me the soundtrack to Nashville. And yes, I'm admitting I watch this soap  opera-ish show. But it sucks you in once you start watching it. And the music is really good. And I don't like all country music. Just sayin'.

Josh and I got to go out yesterday morning. It worked out well; evening dates are still out since that's when I'm usually sick and tired.

Doesn't Josh look excited? (All the pictures from this day and the next look like this.) Poor guy - I think he's extra-tired, and that's sayin' a lot for a narcoleptic. This pregnancy has wiped him out since I've been so sick. I'm so thankful for such an understanding husband.

I wanted a tummy shot. I think I'm smaller this time compared to this time when I was pregnant with L Child, but I'll have to do a comparison some time to figure it out.

We did enjoy our date. I found some new boots, and we really liked Les Mis. I was will say that Les Mis and pregnant hormones don't mix well. I didn't want to ball in the theater so the rest of the day I felt like crying. Aw, but totally worth it for that movie!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Gift

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for my birthday so I figured it was time to blog...

The boys love babies. Especially girl babies. So I was surprised by L Child's reaction when we told them we were having a baby: "I don't want a baby!" And he ran off.

A few days later, L Child was wrestling around with me, but I told him to be careful because he was hurting my stomach. He quipped, "Why? Because you have a baby in there?" And ran off. Again.

Thankfully, he is warming up to the idea now.

Casen was excited from the moment we told him and sure we are having a girl. He has already enlisted Immie in making headbands for the baby sister.

C ignores for the most part that the baby might be a baby brother. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we find out for sure.

Last semester was a blur with all the nausea and sleeping so I have plans to blog about an interesting book I just finished, some fun Christmas pics, our awesome trip to Colorado, and the great gifts my kids got me today. But for now, some lab safety quizzes are calling my name to grade.