Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visit with Uncle

We had a good visit with Jordan and the crew. Case of course was crazy about Cerberus the chihuahua. Well, most of the time. You know chihuahuas - moody little things. Case enjoyed Joe and Christine, but really liked the nephew Garrick. I think Garrick didn't know what to do when Case would get up on the couch and sit right by him. Case would follow Jordan around talking to him, but Jordan was usually oblivious. Josh or I would say, "Jordan, he's talking to you - he wants you to say something to him (or give him some of your food)." It was pretty funny that you could tell Jordan wasn't used to having a little one following him around talking to him. Case was going to drive them to New Mexico (their next destination), but decided against it when he realized 4 other people and a chihuahua would be in that truck for a LONG road trip!!

4th of July Chatty-style

In Chatty, we went down to the fire station and the fireworks stand that night. You can see all the fireworks being set up in town from all directions. Case had fun in the fire station until the fireworks got too loud and scary. Then Case and I left to go home and relax without the loud booming!

Best Buds (Again)

Jaci and Case discovered that they liked to give each other hugs this past trip. So they either were hugging or fighting usually.

Sissy the Cat

Memaw has a cat named Sissy that is pretty mild as you can tell from the pictures. Casen kept putting little objects he found around the living room on Sissy's back. Sissy would let him for awhile then get up and go somewhere else. Then he (yes, it's a boy cat named Sissy) would go back and lay by Case again and Case would continue the hording of treasures on the cat again. Crazy cat. Crazy kid.

4th of July Barbeque

We went to PawPaw and Memaw's for an afternoon barbeque/luau. Fun time. Case liked listening to PawPaw's music - later we got to meet the band members and their families. It was a nice afternoon.

Tana's Fireworks

Tana put on a fireworks display show for us on the night of July 3rd. It was great!

Best Buds

Tana brought the babies to the Fireworks stand when we arrived. Jaci and Case liked holding hands so they kept holding hands for awhile. It was very cute - sweet babies.

Graeson and Casen

Casen loved "wrestling" with Graeson - I'm sure Casen will enjoy playing with Graeson as he gets older.

Wrestling with Uncle Jar

Case and his Uncle Jar haven't always connected. It seems like everytime they spend time together something happens that will cause Case to have nothing to do with him the rest of the time. Like the time Case fell and hit the trampoline when he was playing with Uncle Jar. Or in the swimming pool and Case's head got under the water and couldn't get back up. Or when Uncle Jar plays with Case likes he always played with his daughter (rough) and ticks Case off. Poor Uncle Jar and Case. But the 4th of July was the turning point. They wrestled without anyone getting hurt or ticked off. They are pals now!


Case loves his baby cousin Graeson! It was a special treat to sit by both Tana and Graeson and give them loves.