Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Birthday L Child

When I was carrying you in my womb, Liam, I was pretty sure I would love you as much as I loved your brother when he was born.  
Pretty sure. 
I already loved you, but I wondered if it would be the same feeling it was when I had C.

It was. The love I had in my heart multiplied when you were born. 
I couldn't believe that I got to have two sons.

With a two-year-old and a newborn, I was pretty tired. I have to confess: the first year or so of your life, L Child, is a blur. Yet, there's a few things that I remember quite vividly:

Even during your colic months, you still would smile. You were one smiley newborn!

You and I would take a morning nap together on the couch every day of my maternity leave. When I went back to work, we continued the traditions many times on Saturdays. Cuddle time must have stuck with you because you still take out time to just come sit or lay next to me. I know that will change as you get older, but hopefully you will still take time out to talk to me - even when life is busy.

I remember when you found your Daddy's voice in the hospital and looked at him. Hours after you were born, you held your head up to stare at your twin (Daddy).


You are your Daddy's son. Not just in looks but in your ability to make others laugh. You have that gift of knowing how far you can take something in order to make others laugh but not get into trouble (well, or too much trouble).

I think C and you have loved each other since the time you were born. C was so young when you were born, there wasn't much jealousy. He couldn't remember life without you. I enjoy watching you two play, laugh, and scheme together. I hope that you two are always close friends.


 I worried about you adjusting when Button was born. When I was pregnant with her, it didn't seem like you were too keen on the idea of a baby in the house.

I think it was love at first sight when you got to hold your baby sister for the first time.

And your adjustment to a baby in the house was a breeze. 

Time is passing too quickly, L Child. I can't believe you are already four, my middle child. 
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Kids' Christmas: Miscellaneous Glimpses

C slept in the tent tunnel Christmas Eve. He woke me up at 3 AM telling me needed to go to his bed.

Guess who woke up first?

We had to wake L Child up.

Christmas morning: Santa drank all of the tea C left him.
The other kids leave him milk, but not in the Nichols' home!

Button got baby dolls.

And tried to eat them gave them kisses.

Dad refurbished Mom and my old baby doll crib. We of course had to sit all the dolls in it.

Liam got superheroes among other things.

Button in one of her Christmas outfits for the day.

C did his own hair with his new hair gel.

L Child is doing karate. As usual.

Decorating for Christmas


We finally finished decorating our Christmas tree on the 23rd. It's been a wild and busy semester of school. Then we had Mamaw's birthday party and April and Bret's wedding this month. We got the decorating done in time though!

Our Little Lamb

Our little lamb for the Christmas program:

This was Liam's stance the entire time. Dad asked if he was singing. I replied, "No. He was waving at us the whole time."

To avoid the inevitable blue icecream on his WHITE sweatsuit, L Child just wore his coat and pants into Braum's. Yes, that's how we roll.

A Special Mamaw

My mom and her siblings threw Mamaw a surprise birthday party this month. She turned 80!

We started out the day with a ladies' tea. Here's Mamaw with her almost all her great-granddaughters.

Her birthday party was full of family members.
 Here's Mamaw with most of her great-grandkids.

It was a special blessing to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. I got to see and meet some of my cousins' children. I am thankful for my Mamaw and Papaw and the family they started!

Monday, December 23, 2013


I'm thankful God gives us reasons to celebrate. Friends. Weddings. Happiness. What blessings!

April, Andrea, and April with me at my personal shower in late 2000.
April, April, and I at Adub's personal shower in Summer 2005.

April's wedding last week.

So happy for you and Bret, April!

Paci Baby

After three kids, I'm discovering how unique each one of them is.  H is especially different from the boys. For instance, neither of the boys took a pacifier. This ended up being a good thing later on - I never had to break the. of a paci. 

H though liked her newborn paci during her first weeks. Then she didn't want it anymore. I was okay with this. It'll be easier later on I told myself.

One afternoon, when she was cutting her first tooth, H was pretty fussy. I had to put her down to take care of something, and the boys, the best big brothers ever, tried to entertain her. It wasn't working. C went and got out a package of two pacifiers I had been given at a baby shower. It told him it was okay, that she didn't have to have a pacifier. He insisted that it would help her, and I let him give it to her. 
Yep, she loved it. She chews on her paci sometimes even. 

On our flight last week, I lost one pacifier on each leg of the journey. The next morning, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought two more and a pacifier- clip. Definitely worth it.

I might regret the paci in a year, but for now, it helps her out and...well...she is just so cute with it!

My Little Elves

Helping me with the stamps.

5 Months

Where is the time going? As much as I love parts of this age (and parts of all of them after), I sometimes wish I could rewind or at least push pause. Our little Button is a joy.
She can roll from tummy to back and is close to sitting up on her own. Button is still pretty easy-going. Her bottom two front teeth came in about a week apart - she was a bit fussy, but not as much as the boys were (and they weren't really that difficult compared to other babies).

H likes to squeal and babble. She seems like an extrovert already. If someone isn't talking to her, or at least smiling (and by someone, I mean anybody - even strangers), she will stare at them until they notice her. If she sees someone she really likes, she yells at them and smiles. She did this a lot on the plane to the babies and kids around her.

She is eating solid food and is always willing to try new things. She had some of my gyro today - and seemed to like it! She kept leaning towards me with her mouth open waiting for more.

Finally, she is getting a little clingy with me. It could be due to us traveling together for 5 days. Whatever the reason, I don't mind. I'm soaking up my little Button as much as I can!

Wild Shopping Trip

I always say that after Halloween, my kids will be extra wild until after the New Year. Candy. Excitement. Anticipation. Extra family and friends time. I understand they are hyped to the max. One particular day right before finals, I had to take the kids to the grocery store after work. I knew it was going to be wild so I brought my camera to Wally World.

I was right.

Yeah, that's right. My kid wore his pajamas to Wal-Mart in the afternoon.
And he wore his hat like this for most of the shopping.

I also decided to throw the towel in and let C push the cart with little to no supervision. 

Yes, the items are blurry because they were moving. Fast.

Finally, this little angel fell asleep during the hooligans' antics. Yay, Snuggybaby sling!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


C and L Child were "working out" on Friday (translate: they are lifting my weights on my yoga mat). I overheard this conversation:

C: You know, Liam, if you work out every day, you'll grow big and old.

L: Really?

(They work out a bit. Casen has them stand next to each other to see who is taller.)

L: Casen, am I still three?

C: Uh, yes.

L: How old are you now, Casen?

C: 49.

L: No you aren't.

C: Yes, yes, I am, Liam.


I had the boys come into Button's room at bedtime and told them they could sing her a song (she was fussy due to teething; I was waiting for the Tylenol to kick in for the poor girl).

Casen's song choice? Patty cake.
Good choice.


L (in his sing-song voice): Trick or Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. If you - ....

Me: You aren't gonna finish it?

L: No. 

Me: Why?

L (whispering): Because it says, "I'll pull down your underwear."

Me: Guess that's inappropriate for her?

L: Yes it is.

And thus starts big brother's rules for his little sister. Rule #1: She can't sing or listen to inappropriate songs.