Thursday, August 27, 2009

How You Know If You Are Talking to a Scientist...

...Or a mathmatician...or an engineer:

He or she does math in his or her head.

And not just simple math. Usually some sort of conversion.

Case in point: At our meeting this week, one professor says, "It gets up to about 18,000 feet." Another professor replies after a few seconds, "So about 4 miles?" The first professor corrects him, "Actually closer to about 3 and half miles."

No lie. I can't do math in my head like that - and believe it or not, I don't have random unit conversions memorized.
Sigh. I have to admit - I'm a bit jealous.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Boy is Getting Big!

Baby Boy Nichols is now making my stomach move with his kicks and turns. Josh got to feel him for the first time Saturday.

I can also feel his body now if he is leaning on one side of my stomach. I felt his back yesterday hanging out on my right side.

I love this part of pregnancy - I think it's my favorite part. He's beginning to be on a regular schedule with his awake times and sleep times so I can start counting kicks.

What a blessing!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Little Boy is Growing Up

Some Signs that Case is Growing Up (sniff, sniff):

1. Recently, Case has been wanting to drink from a "big boy cup" - which means a cup without a lid. Josh, the ever-adventurer, has been encouraging him to do this with water. I'm glad he was the brave one - I realized it's fine for Case to practice, and he's gotten quite good at it. No spills pretty much unless he decides he needs to dump it...which happens less and less.

2. Case wants to sit at the table in a big chair - not that babyish high chair all the time!

3. He has began stringing words together. Okay, so only 2 at a time so far, but still, we are impressed. "Hi, Dad!" and "What's this?"

4. He now knows what dog poop is and avoids it. Saturday he almost ran into some. He stops shorts and says, "Stinky!" Then turns around and runs the other way.

5. The other night though was the big sign that Case is growing up. I told him it was time for bed, and he didn't want to be rocked. He just wanted to be put into his crib and laid down on his own. He has been doing that every night for the last few days. No rocking. No songs. No stories. Even though in the past, bedtime was a chore at times, I of course now miss it. I'm sure this stage won't last forever, but we'll see.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Tummy

So as expected, my tummy has gotten larger. I seemed to have "popped" earlier this time which would be expected with a second child. Recently though, I feel like I've "ultra-popped" - is that possible? I'm starting to have trouble getting up if I'm laying down or up into our truck. Anyway, Casen has begun to realize that my tummy is enlarging. The other day he couldn't sit on my lap comfortably. Comfortable, which to Casen, means right up next to Mom leaning back. Well, I guess he thought the best way to remedy that problem was to SIT ON my tummy. It's like a seat for him where he can lean back. Of course, that's not comfortable to me or the baby, so I moved Casen off my tummy. He tried again a few more times then relinquished his claim to the the top of my tummy. He now puts up with a bump in his back if he's on my lap, or sits next to me. I'm wondering what he's going to think once the tummy gets larger...which I know it inevitably will. I remember last time thinking at this stage (about halfway), "How will I get any bigger? Aren't I big enough?" Then later saying, "I can't get any bigger can I?" But each time I did. I'm already thinking that this time. I guess somethings you forget. I'll try to take and post some tummy shots soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

He Can Sleep Through That?!

Typical behavior of Case when the narcoleptic falls asleep on the couch.


So Case decided, "NO MORE PICTURES!"

So we took pictures of the other 4.

While Casen rode his bike.

Cousin Shots

So we finally got all 5 cousins together and took some pictures. These were the best ones I got - I hope Josh's mom got some better ones. They're still cute though.

Family Time

We got to see family last weekend. It was great watching the kids play - they all were together!

He Didn't Get It From Me..

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not that athletic. The fact that I walk and jog now is probably a shock to those who knew me growing up. I remember when Josh and I were first married, we decided to play catch. So Mr. Josh "Baseball" threw the first pitch (yes, pitch while we were playing catch) and it drills me in the leg. I had a bruise come up right away and it hurt! Then Josh says, "We need to keep playing so you don't get scared of the ball." (I think he was thinking that playing catch was going to become a regular activity for us.) The next throw? Yeah, I got hit in the neck and got a bruise there too. Needless to say, we don't play catch really. I'm just not athletically-inclined.
Ah, but my little boy apparently got some mad skillz from his Daddy. He loved Jarrit's tee and was able to hit the ball off of it! His first hit, he hit the tee over. Then when he was able to just hit the ball, he would knock the tee over thinking that's supposed to happen.
As you might tell from the pictures, someone had to play umpire with the boys to make sure they took turns. Otherwise, it would've probably turned into a bat fight!

Some More Things Case Loves....

His DVD player in the car. He only wants to watch this one Wiggles DVD. Josh and I can sing the songs without any help now!

Case loves that little car of Jarrit's.

His new thing is to run around after his bath with the towel on his head and the towel flying behind him like a cape. Aw, my little superman!

More Pics from Zoo

We got to see the newborn zebra - he was less than a month old!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lions and a Pygmy Hippo


We visited the zoo a couple of weeks ago with Jourdan and Jarritt. It was a nice, lazy morning at the zoo. The gorillas and chimps and orangutans were fun. The orangutans were putting on a show for the kids - playing peek-a-boo and hanging upside down for them.

Sour Grapes


Piano Baby

My Little Ham

Case enjoyed his photo shoot so he was happy to pose and be a little ham.