Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baseball Boy

Case got a baseball uniform from his Mamaw and Papa. We took pictures of him in it with his bat that his Edmond Grandma and Grandpa got him. The one looked like he is warming up Josh said. Last night he was winding his arm up before throwing the ball. I think we may have a pitcher on our least according to his JJ.

Early Easter Egg Hunt

Last month, Miss Carol had an early Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids and her granddaughters who were visiting. Case got the hang of it after Josh showed him what to do.

Spring Break GoodByes

Telling PawPaw and Memaw bye

Josh's Bday

We celebrated Josh's birthday this year by going away for the night while Mamaw and Papa kept him. It was nice to get away but we came home a little earlier to make it to church and see our boy. Case did great! After church, Josh opened up his gifts. He liked his OC shirt I got him and his hat (Case liked his hat too!).

Baby Shower

Over Spring Break we went to the baby shower for Graeson who we are hoping will arrive in the next couple of weeks. There was a bunch of kids there who were fun to watch. They played a game where we had to guess how much string would go around Rocky's stomach. Afterwards, the kids played with the yarn. Then the box. Casen like the Gretchen the blue heeler.


Over Spring Break, not only did all the cousins get to hang out, but Josh's cousin Justin and his wife Natalie brought their 8-month-old daughter Olivia to visit. We had a great time with all the kids. We put Case's pants on his head, and he wore them around for a long time. He likes hats - even when they are pants!