Monday, April 28, 2008

Case's Overalls

Here's Casen talking in his crib wearing his overalls.

Playing with Case

Here's a video of me playing with Case. JJ joins in the fun towards the end.

Casen Squealing

Right before this video, Casen had laughed for the first time. Of course, I had turned off the camera. Josh gets him going again - we never hear a laugh again, but he definitely squeals and coos.


Here's the 4 cousins.

Songs with Case

Case likes to be sung to (and to sing himself). Check out Jaci in the background trying to crawl.

12 Weeks!

Case was 12 weeks this past Wednesday. He's grown! He'll be 3 months this Wednesday!!!

Case is Cool

Casen has cool sunglasses for when he takes his walks (the glasses are a little big right now, but he'll grow into them soon). This is a picture of his first walk with them on him. Then the other two pictures are of him with his Osh Gosh overalls his Gram got him before he was born (and before we knew he was a he). Isn't he a cutie?

More Pics from Our Trip Home

Here's some more pictures from when we home last weekend. We visited PawPaw at his tire shop then went into Lawton. Case got to meet his great grandma Mammy. We took a 4 generation picture on that side. At PawPaw's, Case just liked to chill with his PawPaw. Tana loves holding Case - and she's really good at it now with all the practice she gets from Jacilayne!

Little Boys and Burps

Casen spent Saturday afternoon with Josh while I worked on my dissertation. Josh played the guitar and sang while Casen listened (he already loves music). Then Josh burped and Casen laughed (his second time to laugh). So when I got home, I told Josh to burp and see if Case will laugh. Josh burped, and Case smiled real big. Then Josh faked burp - just made a noise that kinda sounds like a burp. Case just looked at us and was serious. Then Josh burped again, and Case broke out in a huge smile. This continued to happen for awhile - he would smile at the real burps and just stare at you at the fake ones. My baby boy can tell the difference between real and fake burps! And he likes the real ones. My mom said that he'll probably think burps are hilarious his whole life. Nice. He's already acting like a boy!
I heard him laugh two weekends ago when Josh was playing and tickling him. He hasn't done it since then until Saturday. Apparently, he thinks his daddy is hilarious. Most times when I try to get him to laugh, he just looks at me like, "Seriously, Mom? Where's Daddy - he's the funny one!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random-I'm-Avoiding-Writing-Thought #1

Chemistry buildings have unique smells. You can tell if you are in the organic wing by the solvents or products you smell (esters aren't too bad to smell typically). You can tell if somebody opened up something nasty without being under the hood because the whole wing will smell like rotten eggs. Finally, every once in awhile, the hall will smell like Ramen Noodles. Some grad student got hungry I guess.

Jacilayne and Casen

So we got the two baby cousins together this past weekend. Watch for the end of this video what Jacilayne does.

Case is 12 Weeks!

Just wanted to show how big he's gotten compared to his stuffed animal. He's really chewing on his hands (or mine if he gets the chance) now!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Case had fun with all his cousins this weekend. Jacilayne is scooting around now so sometimes she would reach over and get Case. He usually didn't like his personal space messed with. Jaci though just would pat his head or face. Dakotah and Tana played with the babies a lot on the floor.

My Sweet Boy

Each day I love my little boy more and more. His personality is showing now too. We really saw it after this weekend with another baby near his age. He's laidback and serious a lot. He likes to just watch people and what's going on around him. When he gets going though (usually by his daddy), he loves to play and smile and he started squealing and laughing. But then he needs his quiet time and personal space. Josh said he takes after his mommy. Of course I think he's the most precious boy ever!

Sleepy Kids

It was a long weekend for Case. He was exhausted by the time we left last night. All the kids played hard. It was so fun to watch Jaci, Tana, and Dakotah.

Hang'in With MaMaw

Case likes to stretch - especially after a long nap. Apparently, he also likes to hang upside down, too.

Family Times

We got to spend some time with family this weekend - we had a great time! Here are some of the pictures with family. Case got to meet his great-grandma Grammy on Sunday (he also met his other great grandma and great-great-aunt but those pictures are on my other camera - soon to come!). His Uncle Jar and Rockie liked holding him. Can you tell?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hiccups, Burps, and Observing

Casen is alert and always observing his surroundings when he's held up to look around. He's a little scientist-in-making! haha

Kick'in It With Dad

Josh came home this afternoon for a little bit. Casen and I are home today. Casen has recently begun to kick and shake his arms when he's excited to see you. He also will now kick his legs hard enough to push away or slide down. He's a strong boy!

Tummy Time

Here's Case doing Tummy Time. His neck is getting really strong. He almost has full control of his head now.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Almost 10 Weeks!

Here's a video of Casen from today. He's about 9.5 weeks old. He's getting over a stomach virus so he's not real talkative. Earlier today, I was sitting on the floor eating my lunch next to him. He roared a growl at me. When I looked over at him, and he just smiled. Not sure if he knew what he was doing - but he sure got my attention! Growling and grunting are some of his favorite things to do - he's such a boy! : )

Case's First OSU Baseball Game

We took Casen with us to the OSU baseball game Easter Weekend. He loved it with all the colors and cheering. Josh carried him in the Snugli from our friends Jordan and and Kellie's house. Pistol Pete even held Case for a picture!

7.5 Weeks Video

It has been a few weeks since this video but I thought it was cute still.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Child is a Genius

Before I had children, I would see parents who thought their children were geniuses. I always laughed. Now I am one of them. When Case started smiling and babbling to us, I thought he must be very advanced for his age. Then the pediatrician gave me a handout about where Case should be physically and mentally. It said that he is starting to smile at people and coo at them. "What?! My child is not a genius?! He's like every other 2-month-old?"
Well, I guess every 2-month-old is a genius then!

My Favorite Times

Josh told me this morning that we need to soak up all this time with Casen because it won't last forever. We are LOVING this age right now. Here's why:
1. He loves to cuddle. Especially in the morning or evening. He digs his head into your shoulder and finds the perfect place to rest his little head.
2. He loves to talk to you. On the way home from school sometimes. Usually, he's a'tell'in you a bunch of things right before he goes to bed.
3. When he sees you and recognizes you and smiles at you. Or when he smiles at you because you're talking sweet to him.
4. When he plays with you by teasing you. He'll be eating all intently and then stop and look at you and break out in a smile. Then he'll cut his eyes around and raise his little eyebrows and then look at you again and smile.
5. When he stretches. He stretches out so far everytime he wakes up or is picked up.
We are so blessed to have a little boy!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When Will I Feel Normal Again??

So Monday was beautiful outside. Josh and I took Case for a walk around the lake. He slept about half of it and then the rest he was awake to enjoy the movement and look at his mommy and daddy. If we closed the covering over him to shield him from the wind, he would "yell" every so often so we would open it again. He's gotten more social and wants to be with people.
It was my first walk around the lake since before I had Case. Man, was I sore! It's about 3 miles around, and I had probably walked a mile already at school walking back and forth to my car. I had to keep telling Josh to slow down. Usually, he has to tell me to slow down when we walk since I'm a fast walker. But with some motrin and a long night, I felt okay in the morning.
I'm thinking it's going to be awhile until I'm back in shape. I've lost about half of my baby weight; the rest is coming off slowly but surely (thanks to weight watchers!). After a long day, I'm pretty sore still and have to just lay on the couch. A friend of mine told me that it took her 6 months to feel normal again. 6 months!? Well, that's my goal - to feel normal again in 4 more months. : )