Saturday, December 29, 2007

37 Weeks

These are some recent pregnancy pictures of me at 37 weeks. I call that one of me, "Pregnant Amanda" - that's what I usually look like around the house. Sweatshirt and my Tigger pajama pants. Those pants are the loosest pants I have now so they get worn a lot! My belly continues to get bigger, but he's dropped some more the last couple of days. We had our tour of the maternity ward at the hospital Friday and preregistered. We're all ready!

More Christmas

We had more family come up this week to celebrate a late Christmas. We had 7 guests; it was a packed house, but a LOT of fun. Jack and Sheri came up with Josh's son Andrew. We hadn't seen him for over a year so it was good to see him again. Jeremy and Tana came up and brought along Rockie and her daughter Dakotah. We enjoyed getting to know them better. We opened up more baby gifts from family (that's me with the baby blanket Aunt Linda gave us). Then Josh and I opened up Christmas gifts for Baby Nichols and us. Everyone else opened up some gifts. Josh and I gave the girls these guns that make LOUD "space" noises while shooting out foam rings. Josh played cops and bad guy (he was the bad guy) for a long time with the girls that night. They loved it! The girls caught Josh in a stolen car and while they were questioning him (yes, I think the girls have watched a few cop shows haha), they told him he better tell them the baby's name. It was funny that Tana had thought up a new way to ask us what the baby's name is. Both nights we played games. Balderdash and Turbo Cranium are always a blast!


Here are two recent pictures of my new niece - she is so beautiful!!! I can't wait until I get to hold her again!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a fun Christmas this year even though it was different. This was the first year we spent it in Stillwater by ourselves. Because I'm so close to my due date, we couldn't travel down to Chatty. I also think the trip would have worn me out. Josh and I went to the movies on Christmas Eve and then opened up a gift each. On Christmas morning, we opened up all our awesome presents then went back to bed (I had woke up at 6:30 AM hungry so we got up then to do Christmas!). Then some friends of ours came over in the afternoon. Jordan and Kellie made our main course - duck. It was excellent! Then Stuart and Ashley and the rest of us made our favorite sides. It was a yummy,
nontraditional meal. We visited and played games the rest of the evening. I loved it!


Dad, Mom, and Gram joined us for Thanksgiving this year. Dad and Josh smoked a turkey while the women made the rest of the food. There was too much good food! And Yes, I was tired working in the kitchen (check out the hair), but I cleaned up before we sat down to eat.

Lots of Family in November

These are some shots of family. We had lots of visitors in November.

Baby Shower at the Church

These are some pictures from the baby shower the church gave me back in November. We received so many nice gifts; I was overwhelmed with all that we got. The baby got a lot of quilts and blankets - those were probably some of my favorite gifts since they were handmade with love.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baby Room is Done!

So we finally finished the baby's room! Originally the room was lilac and had a baby border (see picture). Over Thanksgiving, Dad and Josh redid the flooring and trim and baseboards in the room. Mom and Dad painted the walls. Gram made us living room and bathroom curtains. Mom made us OSU curtains for the study. I learned to sew (don't I look excited in the picture??!!), and I made tie-backs for the curtains. Josh put together the crib and glider. Then slowly but surely, Josh and I decorated the room. Watch the video for the completed baby's room.