Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby Face

I had another ultrasound done yesterday to check up on Baby Boy Nichols. You can see his chubby face in the picture (it's sideways). In some pictures, the tech pointed out he has hair. He's estimated to weigh about 4 lbs and 7 oz right now. I'm thinking he might be a big baby if he gains what they usually gain towards the end. We'll see!! Everything looked good so we are thankful. My mom got to go with me which was fun - I know she really enjoyed getting to see her first grandbaby on screen before he was born! I'm getting bigger - I think I "popped" again. I'll post some pics of my fat belly soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a New NIECE!!!

Josh's sister had her daughter last night. Jacilayne Marie was born last night. She looks a lot like her daddy.

Isn't she beautiful??!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Favorite Answer

So I have this one student who likes to write monologues on his exams when he doesn't know the answer. It always serves as a good laugh while the TAs and I are grading and breaks up the monotomy. I'm always tempted to give him some points just for his humor.

The latest monologue:
Question: Acetic acid and ethanol can be used to form an ester. Draw the reaction for this process. Can it also form a polyester?
Answer: No, Michael Jordan once said he can fly. And He Can! If you only believe it...Then you can do it...So if you want it to make or form a polyester, who am I to judge what you believe...

I wished I had written his other monologues down. I'm sure I'll get a good one on the final.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seeing Friends

A couple of weeks ago, it was my friend Seungen's birthday. Last year, I was in a girls' bible study with Seungeun, Saori, and Cassie. I don't get to see them very much this semester so I was glad when Cassie asked me if I wanted to surprise Seungeun for her birthday. We went over and got to hold little Aiden (he's about 4 months) and meet Seungen's in-laws from Korea. They wanted to take us out to eat and of course we couldn't decline : )

Not a Good Week to Ride the BUS

Last week wasn't my week to ride the bus. I ride it from the overflow parking lot to my building. One morning I had to get to school early, and the earlier you try to catch the bus, the more packed it is. Well, that morning, it was so crowded, there was standing-room only. I had to stand - nobody offered a big old pregnant woman their seat!!! Good thing I only had my purse on me (and not my laptop) because I had to use both hands to hold onto the bar above me. I'm so off-balance lately, I couldn't just hold on with one arm. I told Josh that night that he better never let a pregnant woman stand on the bus while he's sitting down. Ha!

Then the next day, I caught the bus back to the parking lot to go home. I happen to pick the NEW bus driver. My first clue was that he was driving really slow and stopped when he didn't need to stop. My next clue was when he hit a sign. Yes, he was so close to the curb when he stopped, that the sign was hitting the bus everytime he tried to go forward. He finally got around the sign and continued on his journey. That's when I noticed the guy next to me. He was directing the bus driver on where to go and giving him tips. He didn't seem phased at all when the driver hit the sign. Maybe that happens to all of the new bus drivers. The rest of the route we drove in the gutter pretty much. It was like when I first started driving: my mom would say, "You're not rain, get out of the gutter-you're too far over on the road!" A few times I wanted to yell out, "Stop being rain - we're going to tip over!" I guess the good thing was that because he didn't know the route well, he drove so slow. Of course the guy helping him tells him he needs to speed it up. I'm glad I got off at my spot after that. I didn't want to experience that driver's "fast driving" if he's going to be hitting signs and driving in the gutter!