Friday, March 18, 2016

Life of H

H is developing her own personality, and at times, it's quite large. I guess with two older, loud brothers, she has to be noticed somehow. Or at least thinks she needs to be noticed almost constantly.

I told her to smile for the picture.
This is what she did instead.

While the drama gets too high at times, she is a joy to watch. Whether she is singing or dancing or telling me about the latest event in her life, I'm trying to soak up the moments. 

"Latest event in her life" would include her retelling her favorite times. 

"Remember, I hugged a monkey!"

Earlier this month, I took all three kids to Spring Sing, the annual student-run production of musical numbers. The boys usually enjoy it, but they are ready to leave by intermission. H on the other hand? LOVED it. Every minute. Perched on Stephanie's lap most of the show, after each number (video introduction, host/hostess performance, or group number), she would say something to the effect of, "I like that one!" 

After three hours of dancing and songs, she exclaims, "I want to watch it again!"

After witnessing her love of Spring Sing and interest in one group of Good and Bad Witches from Wizard of Oz, we watched The Wizard of Oz at our last family movie night.

She only got up once when we took a break to make popcorn. 
She was mesmerized and has watched it about a million times since.

If you are sitting with her, she will tell you what's about to happen: "The tornado is coming!" 
or "There's the Witch!"

During appropriate times, she gets up to skip around the living room and sing, 
"We're off to see the Wizard!"

During the scary part at the Witch's castle, you can hear her talking to herself, "They're wearing costumes. I wear costumes" as if to remind herself it's just pretend.

My favorite parts of watching the movie with her though are when (1) Dorothy slaps Lion's nose when he goes after Toto. "You don't hit people!"

and (2) The Wicked Witch of the West is melting. "Well, you don't be mean to people."

I'll rock her world one day when can watch Wicked 
and see that maybe we should sympathize with the Witch.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break Science

So Liam's request for Spring Break was that we do some science experiments. To say I was happy about that is an understatement.  We took the afternoon to have some fun. 

I love his mind-blown expression.

We started off with making rain clouds.

They mixed colors of different types of paint next. They practiced making hypotheses and testing them. Liam kept saying, "It's not working!" anytime he falsified his hypothesis.

After some chromatography, I took a break and announced, "Free Science Experimentation Time."

That just means, Make a Mess!

My favorite part was when Casen said, "I'm very curious about this..." then proceeded with his experiment.

Our last experiment was seeing how water temperature affected Alka Seltzer tablets dissolution.

While the boys enjoyed dissolving tablets, they REALLY enjoyed using the thermometers. Seeing the alcohol rise rapidly in hot water was the highlight of their afternoon. 
Thank you digital thermometers.

We made quite the mess, but clean-up didn't take too long with three pairs of hands working. All in all, our Spring Break Science Afternoon was a success!

Maybe next Spring Break, H can join us!