Sunday, January 25, 2009


We had a great Christmas - here are some of my fave pics!

Favorites from Christmas Eve

Of course we took lots of pics, but here are some of my favorites.

Dog park!

We went to the dog park in Arizona over Christmas. Our dogs loved it; they had never been to one. Well, Newman loved it - our little extroverted dog. Padme would have liked it better if no other dogs had come along. The more dogs that joined the area, Padme got a little more territorial and grumpy. Josh finally had to go get her. That's the picture of him carrying her back. Casen loved watching the dogs play.

Homage to Jack in the Box

I really wish we had Jack in the Boxes here in OK. Whenever we go to Arizona, I have to eat at one. And I don't just get a simple meal. I feel like I have to not only get my favorite burger deal, but I also must get their yummy tacos.

Walking Trying to Run

Right before we moved from Stillwater, Casen took his first steps. Up until my graduation, he could take a few steps but preferred to crawl. After the party, with family encouragement he really took off walking back and forth between open arms. Over Christmas, he really got good at walking. He is now walking all the time and can run short distances. Today, Josh was rocking him to sleep for his nap. Or at least I thought that was what was going on until I saw Case run around the corner towards the living room. He wasn't going to sleep so Josh had let him down. I guess Case thought he better not stick around or Josh might change his mind.

Rocking Horse

The first pictures I took with my new camera were of Casen's Christmas gift from his PawPaw and Memaw. They got him a rocking horse. Actually, it's a British rocking horse that sings a song in a British accent. Can't beat that!
Case loves it and just figured out how to (sometimes) squeeze his ear to have him sing or make horsey noises.