Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Gush (or Two) About Button

The following is mainly so I will remember this fun stage with Button. I'm warning you; you probably shouldn't read. It's braggy/annoying mom times twelve.

Button got her third tooth (one of her top front ones) yesterday. She also said, "Bubba" and "JJ" this weekend, too. I think she said, "Bubba" because he fried up some pork chops that she devoured. She's my little meat eater - just like her brothers. I was about to joke that she'll never eat vegetarian, but I was the same way growing up. I think I enlisted my brother into a mutiny the time my mom tried a new recipe that had no meat. After that one time, I would ask Mom, "Are we having meat tonight?" My love of high protein faded, and I enjoy vegetarian meals now. So see, there's hope for Button too.

Button has said "Mama" from time to time I think. She only does it if she's mad and wants me to do something - like pick her up. It's so infrequent and quick, I'm not sure if she is really saying it. This weekend I promise she said her own name. Uncle Jar was holding her, playing saying, "Haddie!" She said plain-as-day, "Ha-ddie." Both Jar and I looked at each other and said, "Did she just say, 'Haddie'?!?!"

Things I love about Button:

the way she lifts her arms up now so you'll pick her up

her hugs and kisses

the looks she gives - the attitude ones she gives the men in her life are hilarious. And probably a preview of things to come.

her scooting ability. She's very, very sneaky. You think, there's no way she can reach that _____. Next thing you know, she's holding it.

her eating ability. Unlike her brothers at this age, she loves solid food and can pick up little pieces and feed herself. Kinda.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Button is 8 Months

The time is flying for this little blue-eyed baby.

This stage is fun: inquisitive and full of laughs.

And trying to crawl. Yes, this girl is slowly mobile now with her scooting. Soon she will take off after those crazy brothers of her.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pinterest Fail

We tried to make glowing Mountain Dew tonight.

It didn't work.

Pinterest Fail. We are watching Star Wars now instead.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Didn't Make the Cut

Liam: Hey, I'm Kid Spiderman, but I can still shoot webs. I just can't climb walls yet. My dad is Spiderman.

Me: Oh yeah? Who's your mama?

Liam: Oh, she's dead. But I have a new mama...but I don't know who she is.

Me: Uh….

Liam: I have a brother. He's Flash.

Me: And your sister?

Liam: Spidergirl…wait, no she's Supergirl.

Apparently, I didn't make the cut this time. 
I'm blaming the fact that we watched Star Wars Episode IV yesterday and discussed Luke Skywalker's upbringing by his uncle and aunt. 

Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Record

As usual, the theme is "Time Flying."

Maybe it's because we have three little Pokes now.

Despite the chaos that usually results, all five of us usually take care of the mundane tasks together when we can.

Even if it results with one of the boys accidentally mooning the line of cars at McDonalds.
With time flying and my brain overloaded, I'm not going to remember these days clearly. I decided I needed a record of everyday life for us during this season.
I wish I could bottle up the boys' energy, especially Case.
He's gonna be that man that you read about that
only sleeps four hours a day, wins a Nobel Prize, and solves world hunger.  
Or uses his twenty hours of the day devoted to video games.
And if I could take Haddie's jumping energies in pill form when I need to stay up until 2 AM to work?
Pure Awesomeness.

 We've had some cold weather so with Ice/Really-Cold Days we did some juggling to cover child care. There's something fun about staying home on a week day with your kid.
Well, at least for a bit.

We made snow ice-cream one Ice Day.
Um…wasn't as good as we thought it would be.
Mama must've made it wrong.

Oh, and it was a bit gritty from the dirt.
It's hard to only get snow in your cup when you just have an inch of snow.
Haddie can hold the bottle by herself, but only when she decides it's acceptable.
Lately, it's not acceptable. Sometimes that means I get extra cuddles.
Usually that means she lounges, plays with her hands,
and takes breaks to yell at her brothers while you hold the bottle.

The boys started playing basketball. Liam is a little young so he's not playing anymore, but C is loving it. Josh is getting to coach C while L and Mama get to watch together. Pretty sure it's a win-win for everyone.
 It seems like both Josh and I are in a busy season of our careers. I'm thankful we have jobs that we love. Though I could pass on the dreams about Quantum Mechanics and Group Theory.


I also know we're busy because I never blogged about Casen's birthday and party. 
Poor kid. But now he knows how middle and third children feel. 
We are all about fairness around here.

Finally, time is flying because the boys are in school now. School makes things busier for Josh and me. At school: award ceremonies and actives. At home: projects and homework.


But making band-aid shirts at 8 PM on Sunday is worth it when you see their faces of glee.

Not to be left out: Button did some crafts as well.

Good thing I have my mom around or I probably wouldn't be this brave.
And it was totally worth it too. Button loves her some craft time.

She's starting to "talk" now - babbling lots and  naming Daddy and Bunny.
So there's a record of our lives lately.
Dog-tired sometimes?
But I'll take it. Gladly.

Button Turned 7 Months

Yep, turned 7 months last month. Here's the pics from our photo shoot.

I go back in forth on who she looks like. Sometimes just like L Child and Josh. Other times, she looks like C and me. Regardless: I still just like to watch and admire her.
Which is just what everyone does in the family.
I tell myself it balances out the times when she experiences typical third-child-survivor syndrome.
Or maybe we are just creating an independent, confident woman. I hope. 
This is her discerning look. She uses it a lot now trying to figure things out.

We love our Little Button!