Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I Don't Like Thursday

I can't find the balance between not drinking enough water and drowning my insides with it.

I'm either dehydrated and having pains, or I'm drinking so much I'm in the bathroom every 30 minutes. Neither one is great for teaching.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Size of Your Baby

For you mothers-to-be-again, you'll find this interesting.

My doctor told me today that there are 3 ways to estimate the size of the baby towards the end of your pregnancy.

1. Measuring your belly - the inches correspond with how many weeks you are. So if you're 34 weeks, if you measure 34 inches, then the baby is average size. This is what they do at your appointments each time.
2. Ultrasound - can be off by at least a pound (one way or the other). My doctor said this usually causes panic when you might have a 10 lb baby according to the ultrasound.
3. Mom's feeling - compared to your other babies, how does this one feel? Smaller or larger?

Apparently, studies have shown that the best way to estimate size is #3. That's right, mama's feeling.

So what's my feeling?
I think this kid is not necessarily any larger in terms of weight, but I think he's longer than Case was. Case would stretch out and roll around, but this baby stretches out way further than Case ever did. This one also doesn't really roll around - I don't think he has any room. All he can do is kick and punch me. Up into a week or so ago, his favorite punching bag were my upper ribs.

So we'll see if my prediction is correct. Case was 21.5 inches long.

Chemistry Explanation

On Sunday, I was having contractions (not real ones) along with just pains. After it going on for several hours, the on-call doctor told me to go to the hospital to make sure I wasn't in labor. I wasn't - just dehydrated. Today my doctor told me why pregnant women who get dehydrated (even if its just a bit) can have contractions.

Apparently, the hormone oxytocin that causes you to have contractions is very similar to the hormone that signals your kidneys to hold water when you get a bit dehydrated (I can't remember the hormone name). These two hormones are almost identical - they only have one molecule that is different. As a result, pregnant women's bodies will mistake the dehydration hormone for oxytocin starting contractions. That's why if pregnant women just get a little dehydrated, they can have contractions. So my doctor told me the next time that happens, drink a whole bunch of water and wait to see if they stop.

Oh, I love chemistry!

And don't worry, I've been resting more and downing the water. I'm feeling much better today!

Why I Love My Doctor...

Since we have moved since my last pregnancy, I had to get a new OB. I'm thankful I got a good one - she's great and always spends lots of time with me. She's also hilarious - which I appreciate.

1. She shared her dreams with me one time. All her patients came down with the swine flu was one of them. The other time, her house was burning down, and she ran inside to save her dog, putting him in a suitcase. Her hand motions during the house burning down dream were great.

2. She explained today why you can't wear crocs in the hospital. Besides that fact that they are unsanitary, you also will get blood spots on your white socks. Makes sense.

3. Apparently, its difficult to deliver in heels. She had someone in labor today so she was wearing tennis shoes. That is why. Understandable.

4. She shared some chemistry explanation with me today (I'll blog about that next). Totally appreciated that.

Give Me My Pancakes!

So lately, I've been craving pancakes. Why? Who knows? But all I do know is that I when I want them, I want them now!
Last Saturday, I took Case to McDonalds for breakfast. I got his usual (a breakfast burrito) for him, and some yummy pancakes. He didn't want his usual that day. He saw my yummy pancakes and wanted some. Good thing he's my son, or I probably wouldn't have shared.
This morning after my doctor's appointment, I knew I needed a big breakfast since I wouldn't get lunch (I had a lab from 11:30-2:30). So I headed to McDonalds for their big breakfast that has pretty much everything including pancakes. The pancakes were calling my name that morning. When I ordered (I went inside), I was on the phone. That was my fault right there - I didn't double check my receipt to make sure they got the order right.
Imagine my surprise when I got back to school, sat down in my office, and lifted the lid up to find NO PANCAKES! I was devastated. Did I let it go? Eat what I paid for (I checked the receipt, and the girl had punched my order in wrong)? Nope. Not this pregnant lady. I put a sign on my door saying I would be back soon to my office hours, told my colleague to tell any students looking for me that I left to get my pancakes and I would be right back, got back into my car, drove back to McDonalds, and went inside explaining I ordered pancakes and I didn't get them. They were very nice to me - gave me everything fresh again and didn't even charge me the difference! (Those are the perks of being big and pregnant!) I drove back to campus and sat down in my office to a yummy breakfast of pancakes and more. Thankfully, no students had come looking for me that morning, or I would have been embarrassed to tell them I was off demanding my food.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Pregnancy Symptom

Has any other woman experienced this symptom before?

This past summer I discovered Matt Nathanson's music and loved all of it. I listened to it over and over.

The bad thing was I was extremely sick this summer with my pregnancy - it was 1st trimester, and I hadn't discovered a medicine yet that helped.

Apparently, it was a bad mixture. Now whenever I hear his music, I immediately begin to feel nauseated. I have to turn the song off or turn it to something else before I get sick. I hate it, but the music just brings back that awful memory of being so sick.

So, Mr. Nathanson, it's nothing against you and your music, but I sure hope I forget that association. I miss your music.

*I did discover We The Kings around the same time. Though their music can make me nauseated as well, it's not to the same degree. I think because I was on medicine by the time I started listening to them that helped with the sickness.

*And yes, just writing this entry and thinking about the music makes me a bit queasy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marathon Weekend

Back in October, we drove up to Kansas City for the marathon. When I checked into our hotel, the receptionist asked if I was running. I told her I wasn't that ambitious. ha!
Josh ran on a team with my cousins; there were two teams.
We met up with the fam at the Marathon Expo and mall area. It was a fun night. Case started running a fever Friday night in the hotel room. I think now he was just overtired and had a cold - he's ran a fever when he's really tired before. Case and I stayed in the hotel room then while Josh ran the next morning. All the race pictures are stolen from Jacqueline : )
It worked out because it was very cold that early in the morning, and there's no way I could have stood and walked outside all morning. Case and I spent the morning in the hotel doing several different activities:
1. Going up and down the elevator.
2. Jumping on the bed.
3. Coloring. Wait, no he just stuck his markers together and played "drums."
4. Drinking water out of a medicine cup (you know the little plastic ones that come on top of Nyquil?) This entertained him for several minutes.
5. Walking around the hallways. Saying hi to the maids.
6. Going to breakfast twice...ok, maybe three times.
7. Sitting on the furniture in the lobby.
After the race, Josh came back and the three of us went to my cousins' house. We had a good time spending the afternoon with family and catching up. Case was busy, busy. He thought he needed to lay on a blanket like Baby Chloe was.
The next morning when we left, Case rode the luggage cart downstairs.
I took some pictures of the scenery - KC was beautiful. Very hilly and lots of trees. It reminded me of Nashville. I really would like to go back to KC and enjoy it more!
Josh and I were pretty tired going home on Sunday. The pictures of Josh and Case in Long John Silver's is from our way home. After driving through Emporia, we finally found the strip with places to eat. The pregnant lady won out and got to pic where to eat. Fried clams were calling my name. Just like they were last time I was pregnant.
We had a fun, busy weekend!

Casen and Heidi

Casen and Heidi have gotten to hang out a bit lately. April and I enjoy watching them - they are about a week apart in age.

I think Heidi's red hair made Casen's hair look more red.

Daddy's Boy

Case sat on Josh's lap to watch a football game. He listened to Josh's explanations. He also exclaimed, "Oh!" and "Uh-oh!" at appropriate times. I never thought I'd have a child that watches sports on TV this young.

Things You Shouldn't Tell a Pregnant Woman

Based upon my past and current experience....(and yes, these are actual comments I have been told)
Most of these I've mentioned before....

1. When are you due again?....Oh, my!
2. You think you are going to make it to December? (look of incredulous)
3. You're going to have to get a new shirt - that one is getting tight.
4. Eating are you? Is it healthy?
5. It's like you have a cat in there.

I'm so glad I can laugh at this later.

Things I Don't Like Thursday

When lab plans go awry....

Today in lab, my students needed to use the atomic absorption spectroscopy. Did it work? Nope. I tried what I could do. I called the analytical chemist - he couldn't get it work.

So what did some my students do today in lab? Mainly stand around and talk and watch us trying to get the instrument to work.

I hate when that happens.
That's probably why I didn't do analytical chemistry in grad school - instruments are frustrating.