Sunday, September 29, 2013

Look Comparisons

C sleeping right after he was born

L sleeping about 2 weeks after he was born
H sleeping about 2 weeks after she was born

C smiling 3.5 months
L smiling about 2 weeks old

H smiling 2 months
Well H is almost 3 months old (I can't believe it!), and I decided to do some comparison shots. I didn't get them in the same outfit; I didn't even get them at the same ages. But I did try to find similar poses. I'm always impressed when people do same outfit pictures for their kids. I never think about it when I should. I met this lady yesterday who showed me all these pictures of her kids, nieces and nephews, and now grandchildren and great-nieces-and-nephews in the same 2 outfits: a cute dress for the girls and a darling pair of overalls for the boys. They've been passed down and back-and-forth for over 30 years now. Wowzers. I don't think I'll ever have it that together.

Anyway, back to my non-planned comparison shots:
You can tell the 3 kids are siblings I think. All three looked like Josh when they were born; H was a feminine version (both Josh and I exclaimed when we first saw her, "She looks like a girl!")

The kids all smiled at different times. C was about 5 weeks old when he first smiled, L smiled as soon as they laid him on my chest after he was born, and H smiled in the hospital after she was born. I'm thinking H is about half and half: nose up is Casen (me) and nose down is Liam (Josh). Sometimes her mouth looks like mine and other times, she pooches her lips out and has Josh and Liam's lips. We'll see who she looks like as she gets older.

I also realized when looking for pictures that the poor middle child doesn't have a whole lot of pictures from about 1 month to 5 months. He wasn't the middle child yet, so why? Was it destiny of his soon-to-be-middle-child-role?
Actually, that's what happens when you have babies 23 months apart and colic sets in on that second one. Tired parents + fussy baby = not very many pictures. We made up for it after the colic went away. I have so many cute pictures of that chubby baby around 6 months to 1 year old. Liam, one day when you read this blog, I promise that we loved you as a newborn. We just were busy holding you all the time, we didn't get very many pictures!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lake Trip, Hike, and a Chemistry Joke

We went to the lake last weekend. We usually try to go every summer, but this time we went a little later because of Button's arrival. It was a different kind of "vacation." I'd never taken a 2-month-old on a vacation. Button did well, but I was exhausted by the time we got home. I'm used to catching up on sleep on the weekends. She didn't sleep well day or night, but did awesome in the car both ways! Despite the incredible tiredness I've felt all week, I had a good time with friends. It was good for the soul.

Because I was usually with Button, I did want to do something with just the boys. Josh kindly watched baby while the boys and I set out on a short hike. Complete with water bottles.

They each found special things to take pictures of:

Daddy Long Legs outside our cabin

Brothers Love

Cactus in the middle of a forest area

Big rock

L Child found the big rock

L Child was exhausted by the time we got back to the cabin (we didn't hike far) and I was tired,  but C wanted to keep hiking. I wish I could bottle up his energy. Pretty sure his body breaks the first law of thermodynamics.

And yes, I did just make a chemistry joke. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I can't read Jane Austen.

Yes, I'm a woman who loves to read, but I pretty much dislike Jane Austen.

It's a hard burden to bear. While all the women around me are making references to some Jane Austen novel, I just smile and nod like I know what they are talking about. 
While women are gushing about how they LOVE Pride & Prejudice, I'm silent. 

I really, really try to like Jane Austen. Every year or so, I pick up Pride & Prejudice and start reading. It doesn't last long. 

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that I really just want to read Pride & Prejudice so I can read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and fully appreciate it.

I've only confessed my distaste of Jane Austen to a few friends. Usually, it's because I'll have the impression that she doesn't like Jane Austen either. I can tell this friend doesn't get the Jane Austen reference either. Or this friend doesn't seem to have the patience needed to get through a Jane Austen novel (much like myself). So I'll quietly whisper during a conversation about books, "I hate Jane Austen."
The friend will sigh in relief and agree. 
Then I almost always say, "That's why we're friends."

I do have one Jane Austen-appreciator-friend that I've shared my disdain. She assures me that Jane Austen is worth reading, and told me that it's quite funny after you read it once or twice.

You mean I have to read it twice?!?

So my Jane Austen-appreciator-friend got Haddie a Jane Austen book. And I did read this one.

Maybe one day I'll read the real novel. 
Especially if Haddie grows up to like Jane Austen.

Bunny and Button

Button recognizes people now. I think she can see further, and she knows our voices. As a result, she now expects any new people to the room to come talk to her. If not, many times, she will start squawking or stare longingly in your direction (very heartbreaking).

Of course, Bunny always obliges. Button loves her Bunny!

Yeah, that's right. Bunny is wrapped around my finger.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Middle Child Syndrome

I'm pretty sure I could win the most awkward family photo here:

According to the Birth Order book I recently read (I'll blog about it at some point), middle children end up being the most well adjusted adults. They are the least likely to need therapy and make the best spouses (I should know - I'm married to one!). So precious middle child Liam, one day when your brother-in-law is complaining about your princess sister and your sister-in-law is wondering aloud why your big brother is such a perfectionist, you and your wife can sit back and just smile in bliss.

Love you my middle child!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wild Semester

It's already been a long semester. Here's my typical desk:

one of the professors commented, "You only have four pchem books out?"

This is what I felt like today (a Monday) after being out of town over the weekend.

Hopefully my students don't look like this after their exams this week.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Why I Take a Bajillion Pictures

Some days I need to be reminded of my blessings. 


It's nice to look back at the last week and remember it's not all bad.

Even when I have to work a holiday and the guys get to go play at the zoo.

At least I have a job that I almost always love. That's more than a lot of people have.

Even on days when my pchem derivations in lecture end up showing that 100% efficiency equals 0% efficiency (curse you Carnot Cycle!).

This is how my brain feels most of the time by the way:

Admist bad news, fussy babies (I'm counting my 2 big boys too), and my ever-hungry, sore post-baby-#3-body, I've gotten to laugh


and enjoy family and friends. (Yes, that's my dad spinning my mom at the park.)

Okay so I sometimes wanted to sit in a corner with my favorite food too, Haddie.

And I kinda did. 

Of course, while I'm taking a bite of my HUGE Charleston Chew at school, I ran into two other professors. I managed to say with a full mouth of chocolate-nougat goodness as they walked by, "I promise I'm just having a bite. I'm not eating the whole thing in one setting!"

The other reason why I take a bajillion pictures is because I can't believe that God let me have three beautiful children.

It's awe-inspiring.

And I have to remember how much they love each other. 

Even on days when biting (yes, biting is making another round through the house) and angry words among the boys make me question that.

Deep down I'm pretty sure they love each other.

Finally, I take a bajillion pictures so my kids will take pictures, too. Nothing brings a laugh like these beauties:


And mother-daughter talks.

All caught on camera. Gotta have those memories!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fussy Baby Day

Yesterday was probably Haddie's fussiest day. She was kinda fussy while we went shopping with Immie. 

Throughout the day, we tried different things. Holding, rocking, laying on the floor, swinging, wearing a OSU sticker...some things helped, some thing didn't.

Josh and I don't know what brought on the fussiness. Pretty sure she was overtired - she didn't sleep well the night before and wouldn't nap the whole day. 

By this morning when our fussy baby was still here, we started wondering other things are at work. Teething? Ready for rice cereal? Compared to the boys, she is really young for those reasons.

Whatever the reasons, as you can see, she had her happy moments. And what worked best was just having some Mama or Daddy time AND going to church this morning. She slept like a rock during worship and most of class and wasn't as fussy this afternoon.

A Trip to the Store

I remember how much I thought it was an accomplishment to take just Baby Casen to the store by myself. Then I had Liam and takin' two little ones to the store seemed like a big job. I finally took all three kids to the store for some quick grocery shopping the other day. We survived even though I had to go through the line twice because I forgot the bread after I was already paying. Thankfully, Josh has been doing the major shopping by himself since I had Haddie. Not sure I'm ready for major shopping with all three kids just quite yet!

Why Blow-Outs at 2 AM Aren't So Bad...

...I get to hang out with this OSU gal for a bit.