Sunday, September 29, 2013

Look Comparisons

C sleeping right after he was born

L sleeping about 2 weeks after he was born
H sleeping about 2 weeks after she was born

C smiling 3.5 months
L smiling about 2 weeks old

H smiling 2 months
Well H is almost 3 months old (I can't believe it!), and I decided to do some comparison shots. I didn't get them in the same outfit; I didn't even get them at the same ages. But I did try to find similar poses. I'm always impressed when people do same outfit pictures for their kids. I never think about it when I should. I met this lady yesterday who showed me all these pictures of her kids, nieces and nephews, and now grandchildren and great-nieces-and-nephews in the same 2 outfits: a cute dress for the girls and a darling pair of overalls for the boys. They've been passed down and back-and-forth for over 30 years now. Wowzers. I don't think I'll ever have it that together.

Anyway, back to my non-planned comparison shots:
You can tell the 3 kids are siblings I think. All three looked like Josh when they were born; H was a feminine version (both Josh and I exclaimed when we first saw her, "She looks like a girl!")

The kids all smiled at different times. C was about 5 weeks old when he first smiled, L smiled as soon as they laid him on my chest after he was born, and H smiled in the hospital after she was born. I'm thinking H is about half and half: nose up is Casen (me) and nose down is Liam (Josh). Sometimes her mouth looks like mine and other times, she pooches her lips out and has Josh and Liam's lips. We'll see who she looks like as she gets older.

I also realized when looking for pictures that the poor middle child doesn't have a whole lot of pictures from about 1 month to 5 months. He wasn't the middle child yet, so why? Was it destiny of his soon-to-be-middle-child-role?
Actually, that's what happens when you have babies 23 months apart and colic sets in on that second one. Tired parents + fussy baby = not very many pictures. We made up for it after the colic went away. I have so many cute pictures of that chubby baby around 6 months to 1 year old. Liam, one day when you read this blog, I promise that we loved you as a newborn. We just were busy holding you all the time, we didn't get very many pictures!

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