Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Is How We Roll

Last year one of the college kids asked whose birthday it was after they saw the Happy Birthday banner up at our house. It was from about 3 months ago. I just replied, "That's how we roll."

While Josh and I were in the hospital right after I had Haddie, Mom and Dad took the boys to the house and decorated it.


It was so sweet with most of the decorations at about the heights of a couple of some proud big brothers.

Most of the decorations are still up. Yeah, Haddie just turned 3 months.

And the other night, after a wild evening of busyness and loud kids, I noticed that there was a soda spilled on the floor. I cleaned it up not knowing it was on the table too. The next day, I was cleaning off the table and found this:

Apparently, the soda had been spilled on a pink note sent home from school. The dye then bled into my table.
I was reminded why we don't buy new furniture (except the kids' beds). We've had this table since we first got married.

And that's how we roll. Decorations left up for a long time reminding us of past, notable celebrations. Stained table tops reminding us that life is a bit too chaotic sometimes.

I'm thankful for the friends we have who share similar occurrences.

I'm also glad I have a long weekend. I gotta try to get that pink stain out.
Oh, and my coffee maker looks like it threw up, too. Cleaning weekend, anyone?

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Chellie said...

You should try a Magic Eraser on the table. B wrote on our table with Sharpie once and it took it off so maybe it would work for pink paper.