Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Josh

The boys and I made signs and a banner for Josh's birthday.

Josh got the new John Grisham's book.

Wild boy C. 
L child decided that opening gifts called for him to wear the game glasses.

Josh got his big gifts the next day at lunch. I surprised him with a trip, but I haven't told him where we are going yet. Mom and Dad got him a movie gift card for us to see Jurassic Park 3D. Can't wait!

C took the picture for us.

Family Day

Josh had a day off over Spring Break so we took a Family Day. We went for a late breakfast.

Then we went to an indoor playground area. It was too crowded for me, but the boys had a blast!

We stopped by for an impromptu visit at Juju's. It was so good to spend some time with her and Kellan and Gavin. 

Then we had dinner and visit at the Lair's. Jaylee and L Child reading Lion King.

C playing Mario Kart at their house.

25 weeks

Baby Button is growing and kicking. She really kicks if she doesn't like how I am sitting or laying - is this a preview of her personality?
The boys now talk to her. L Child is still asking when she is arriving. Summer seems like a long time away for him!

Spring Break Visitors

April and the kids came over for a playmate last week. The kids had a ball, and we got to catch up! It had been too long!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

VERYNICE Spring Break

Most of my Spring Break last year was pretty awful. Even though we stayed home this year, it's been a nice break.

Some reasons why...

1. I got to sleep in until almost 9 AM every day. Some mornings it was past 9 before the kids woke me up. Very nice.

2. Found the perfect fabric for Button's room. I'm excited to see the finished product. Pictures to come.

3. I had two of the best days I've had this whole pregnancy in terms of how I feel. Nausea was at an all-time low and my back wasn't killing me. I've been more tired and sick since then, but it gave me a glimmer of hope that the sickness and utter tiredness is beginning to fade with the nausea meds able to work fully.

4. Josh got to feel Button kick last weekend for the first time. We can now feel her when she lays on my side and sticks out a bit. He got to feel her last night briefly. I say "briefly" because anytime anyone other than me puts his or her hand on my tummy, she stops kicking and moving.

5. L Child told our friends last weekend that I have a robot baby in my tummy. He then proceeded to say that he can make robot babies in his tummy, too.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't really think that.

Well, pretty sure.

6. We got to celebrate Josh's birthday as usual during break. Despite Josh not feeling great: A delicious meal, a yummy dessert, and a movie along with some time together as a family and a couple - it was a fun celebration.

7. I got to hear Casen's prayer after he had a particularly rough day:
" Dear God, Help me make good decisions. I'm sorry when I don't. Amen."
It's a big blessing to catch these glimpses of his heart. Make me want to be a better woman after God's own heart.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signs of Spring in the Nichols' House

Soccer season started!                   

 C has a superhero soccer stance he does right before the ball goes into play.

L Child getting big and making room for Button means new beds for the boys: Bunk Beds!

   Words cannot describe their excitement. They still ask me to come into their room and look at their new beds.

Liam got hurt during practice before his game (see the knee?). He is still a bit timid when the game starts, but had an excellent coach today that got him on the field to play some.

Beautiful weather today for soccer and bike riding!

23 weeks or so

23.5 weeks with C                                                    23 weeks with Button

Sorry L Child. I don't have another belly picture of you until I'm close to my due date. Poor middle child.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Signs I'm Past 20 Weeks

1. People ask me unafraid when I'm due. And when I say July, many give me skeptical looks. As to which I want to reply, "Think I'm big now? Wait another couple months - I carry my babies way out there!"

2. The dogs are allowed back inside the house. My love-hate relationship with our dogs is past the hate part for now. The dogs drive me crazy when I'm exhausted and sick as a dog (pun intended).

The boys are thrilled and singing a lullaby to Padme, no lie.
"Sleep little Padme, sleep. God loves you, God loves you."

3. Liam now regularly asks me if Button is sleeping. Whenever I tell him, "No, she is moving around," he tries to feel her kicking. No luck yet. She's only kicked that hard a few times, but nobody (except me) has felt her.

4. I'm rushing to the bathroom frequently. Thanks to my hydration habit and Button's favorite spot on my bladder, I think I will be sprinting for awhile more.

5. Button is getting longer because I can feel her kicking me higher up. She never stays up by my ribs though. I'm carrying her much lower than I carried the boys.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Thunder Up

Thanks to some generous friends at church, our good friends Brian and Tara invited us to the Thunder Game - and we got to eat dinner in the box before the game! It was Chinese food night which is what this pregnant lady really loves right now. We had a fun evening visiting and laughing and watching the Thunder play of course!

Watch Out Button

Your oldest brother has plans for you to be dressed frilly, frilly, frilly.

This morning, C came to my bed and asked again about Button's due date. After confirming it's the summer, he shared his plans:

"That gives us time to make headbands. We need to make 10 headbands. They'll be bows on them. She also needs dresses. And socks and shoes, but she probably will be older before she will need shoes. She also will need pacifiers and..."

I dozed off a bit during his list making. But don't worry Button, he probably will have me write down his list next.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a dragon and a king who worked together well.

Until one day that dragon decided to turn mean. He chased the princess...

until the king slayed the dragon and saved the princess.

(As told to me and acted out by C and L Child - I got to be the princess!)

A Glimpse Inside Casen's Mind

For the most part, Casen says everything that he is thinking. Though that can be a bit wearing at times (think about constant conversation at 9 pm at night from a 5-year-old), I'm treasuring these moments because I know there's probably a time coming that he isn't going to be so open and talkative with Mama and Daddy. 

Monday in my office:
Casen: (As he is playing with my molecular models) Mama, I wish you were a scientist.

Me: (heart sinking a bit) I am a scientist. I just teach science, too.

Casen: You don't build any volcanoes though.

Me: Well, I guess I need to do that then.

Casen: Yeah. Well, that's pretty cool you are a scientist.

(warms my heart)

And I'm pretty sure C and I need to build a volcano and make it erupt - sometime before Miss Button gets here.

Later on Monday while we were walking the trail at school:
Casen: Am I going to have a wife one day?

Me: If you decide to get married, you will.

Casen: Yeah, I want to get married. Where do I find a wife?

Me: (trying not to laugh) I don't know where you'll find her.

Casen: But who is she? 

Me: We don't know yet. But you have time to figure that out.

Casen: Will I have kids?

Me: If you want some one day.

Casen: Yeah, I want some kids. Who will they be?

Me: We don't know yet - they haven't been born yet.

And before he could ask me how babies are made,  he got distracted by a dog.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Growin' Button

Baby girl is getting big. 20 weeks.

Casen: 19 weeks.

Liam: 21 weeks.

And I got a special treat by seeing my cousin. Annie is 26 weeks here, and I'm 22 weeks here.

C is telling people that baby girl's name is Button Hutton Nutton because she has to have three names. I'm curious if he will call her that still after she is born.

A Glimpse of the Future

When I see the boys do something that makes me smile, I'm reminded of the moments our Button is going to bring. Warms my heart.

Being a cutie in the car.

This little pirate is prepared for all battles and treasure hunts he might encounter.

What My Parents Brought Home to Me From Their Trip

White trash candy. The best gift for a pregnant woman.