Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Glimpse Inside Casen's Mind

For the most part, Casen says everything that he is thinking. Though that can be a bit wearing at times (think about constant conversation at 9 pm at night from a 5-year-old), I'm treasuring these moments because I know there's probably a time coming that he isn't going to be so open and talkative with Mama and Daddy. 

Monday in my office:
Casen: (As he is playing with my molecular models) Mama, I wish you were a scientist.

Me: (heart sinking a bit) I am a scientist. I just teach science, too.

Casen: You don't build any volcanoes though.

Me: Well, I guess I need to do that then.

Casen: Yeah. Well, that's pretty cool you are a scientist.

(warms my heart)

And I'm pretty sure C and I need to build a volcano and make it erupt - sometime before Miss Button gets here.

Later on Monday while we were walking the trail at school:
Casen: Am I going to have a wife one day?

Me: If you decide to get married, you will.

Casen: Yeah, I want to get married. Where do I find a wife?

Me: (trying not to laugh) I don't know where you'll find her.

Casen: But who is she? 

Me: We don't know yet. But you have time to figure that out.

Casen: Will I have kids?

Me: If you want some one day.

Casen: Yeah, I want some kids. Who will they be?

Me: We don't know yet - they haven't been born yet.

And before he could ask me how babies are made,  he got distracted by a dog.


Amber said...

I love these conversations! I think it's pretty cool you're a scientist too. You know what would make you even cooler? Get a pair of these:
They've already made an appearance in our department (not on my feet though)!

Amanda said...

so cute!