Saturday, March 23, 2013

VERYNICE Spring Break

Most of my Spring Break last year was pretty awful. Even though we stayed home this year, it's been a nice break.

Some reasons why...

1. I got to sleep in until almost 9 AM every day. Some mornings it was past 9 before the kids woke me up. Very nice.

2. Found the perfect fabric for Button's room. I'm excited to see the finished product. Pictures to come.

3. I had two of the best days I've had this whole pregnancy in terms of how I feel. Nausea was at an all-time low and my back wasn't killing me. I've been more tired and sick since then, but it gave me a glimmer of hope that the sickness and utter tiredness is beginning to fade with the nausea meds able to work fully.

4. Josh got to feel Button kick last weekend for the first time. We can now feel her when she lays on my side and sticks out a bit. He got to feel her last night briefly. I say "briefly" because anytime anyone other than me puts his or her hand on my tummy, she stops kicking and moving.

5. L Child told our friends last weekend that I have a robot baby in my tummy. He then proceeded to say that he can make robot babies in his tummy, too.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't really think that.

Well, pretty sure.

6. We got to celebrate Josh's birthday as usual during break. Despite Josh not feeling great: A delicious meal, a yummy dessert, and a movie along with some time together as a family and a couple - it was a fun celebration.

7. I got to hear Casen's prayer after he had a particularly rough day:
" Dear God, Help me make good decisions. I'm sorry when I don't. Amen."
It's a big blessing to catch these glimpses of his heart. Make me want to be a better woman after God's own heart.

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