Friday, March 15, 2013

Signs I'm Past 20 Weeks

1. People ask me unafraid when I'm due. And when I say July, many give me skeptical looks. As to which I want to reply, "Think I'm big now? Wait another couple months - I carry my babies way out there!"

2. The dogs are allowed back inside the house. My love-hate relationship with our dogs is past the hate part for now. The dogs drive me crazy when I'm exhausted and sick as a dog (pun intended).

The boys are thrilled and singing a lullaby to Padme, no lie.
"Sleep little Padme, sleep. God loves you, God loves you."

3. Liam now regularly asks me if Button is sleeping. Whenever I tell him, "No, she is moving around," he tries to feel her kicking. No luck yet. She's only kicked that hard a few times, but nobody (except me) has felt her.

4. I'm rushing to the bathroom frequently. Thanks to my hydration habit and Button's favorite spot on my bladder, I think I will be sprinting for awhile more.

5. Button is getting longer because I can feel her kicking me higher up. She never stays up by my ribs though. I'm carrying her much lower than I carried the boys.

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