Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not the Spring Break I Had in Mind

It's been a rough semester. I was getting through it by reminding myself that Spring Break would bring plenty of sleep and some extra quality time with the boys. I also was hoping to work on the bedrooms, namely mine. I had curtains, pictures, and my craft project to hang.

Well, it's the week after Spring Break, and I'm tired and still haven't hung up anything in my bedroom. I have gotten to spend some extra time with the boys this week so that's a blessing.

Here's how our Spring Break went down...

Lots of meds...this was before I got mine.

After some icky virus hit the kids and me and L Child got bronchitis and an ear infection, and I was getting a sinus infection, cabin fever was setting in. This is what I wore to Mom and Dad's. I'll spare you what I actually looked like, but this is a glimpse of how WT I had become.

I decided to pop a frozen pizza into the oven. Except my apple dessert from the day before had spilled in the oven. Apparently, burnt apple dessert smokes really bad when heated. Bad enough to make the smoke detectors go off for 10 minutes (that's how long it took me to figure out how to disconnect them). Bad enough to stink up the house for an afternoon.

This is how I felt most of Break (pretty sure L Child felt this way too). So tired that even falling out of bed in the middle of the night doesn't wake you up.

Some good things about Break? Got to go down to SW OK and see family, got to see Kansas family, felt well enough on Josh's birthday to go out - got to see the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. Nothing like being in a theater surrounded by friends and teeny-boppers yelling things out like, "Kiss her already!" at the scene in the cave and cheering when one of the Careers died.

So not the Spring Break I had planned. But only a month until Summer Break.

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...

A Walk in the Country

Picking flowers

Cheese anyone?

C wouldn't pose by himself or with anyone except like this. He's a nut!

Melts My Heart

First Soccer Game

The soccer season started a few weeks ago. It was a cold day!

C, like the rest of the team, can follow the ball and actually play some soccer this year. They were cute to watch as usual!

Did I mention it was really cold? (L Child and Josh wrapped up in the blanket.)

The Boys' Pictures

His shadow (not sure C planned that)

Brother (promise C took this one by himself)

Drainage pipe (rocks are awesome!)

Big Person's Bike (the boys are in awe of these around campus)

Manhole (where does it lead?)

Mama and Brother (L Child even got in on the action)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here

Bradford pear blossoms might stink, but they sure are pretty!

Sign #233

That you live in a house full of boys.

You find random things on the dryer - like a plastic frog.

Home Depot Workshops

Each month, Home Depot has some sort of building activity for children. This month was building a racecar. Score!

Blessed Mama

My Little Engineer

Last month, C convinced Immie to take him to Toys R'Us. He knew that it was a massive toy store, but he didn't remember ever visiting it. Mom took them into the store and told them they had X-amount of money to spend.

Each of the boys actually spent under their limit. Hurray for money-ignorant-aged children!

Liam of course picked out a ball. An Elmo ball to be exact. He sleeps with it. He constantly holds it. But that's a whole blog post in itself.

Casen picked some sort of contraption that you pour water through the top and as the water flow down, it turns several wheels. I knew how it worked before he even tried it out because he went through an entire explanation on its function.

Once outside, he tried water. Then he experimented with other substances. Mud. Muddy water. Leaves. Little rocks. Through the process, he would explain to Liam what was happening. My little engineer experimenting. Made this scientist heart swell!


Last month, we were up at the hospital in the maternity ward quite a lot. First, some good friends of ours had their first baby. We all adored Jaylee, and the boys enjoyed seeing the baby.
Liam was quite excited to see Tara again - can you tell?

Some other good friends of ours from Stillwater got sent to the same hospital when she went into pre-term labor. It was the same weekend that Jaylee was born. After 44 days of hospital bed rest, Sharbee and Wes had little baby girl Daydree. She was only 29 weeks and 2 lbs, but she is doing well. Last week, Josh and I got to visit little Daydree (no pictures yet). I was amazed by the NICU and all that our modern medicine can do. Be praying for our friends as they wait for Daydree to keep growing until they can take her home.

Colored Hair Gel and Brotherly Love

From February...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's Been a Wild Week...

...and it's only Wednesday.

After Sunday morning worship, Josh and I took the boys to school for lunch and to hang fliers for the Wednesday night college series at church. Have you ever walked a college campus with a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old? Yeah, it takes awhile.

Then we rushed off back to church to prep for Rainbow Village, but we stopped for something to eat first. Liam got to hold the cheeseburger all by himself in the car. When I pulled up to the building, I turned around and found L Child with 3 pieces of the cheeseburger and covered in ketchup. I had to take off his sweater vest and slacks. Of course, I didn't have another outfit. So he went to church in a dress church and a diaper.
No shoes.
Yep, we were that family.

Thankfully, I was able to hide Liam in Rainbow Village until after church when we were leaving. Someone asked if Liam had Mountain Dew in his sippie cup because if he did, we could win the WT Award for the evening.
Whew! We dodged that bullet; he had water.

Last night the electricity went out right at bedtime so we had to calm the kids down in complete darkness.

I had a temporary crown put on last week, and I was still in pain yesterday.
So I got to have an unexpected root canal this morning.
Not fun.
I had to stop them twice when they got started on my tooth because I could still feel the pain. After half my face was numb (including my left ear), I finally couldn't feel anything. I was in more pain afterwards than I thought I would be, and I could barely talk. I had to miss a meeting and cancel my afternoon classes, but I had to grade some pchem homework first. Fastforward to tonight. I bribed my kids with Scooby Doo, and I'm blogging and watching my seasons of The Office because I feel pretty dizzy and tired from the pain meds. Here's to hoping for a better day tomorrow! I got a pchem exam to write!

And to avoid this post from being a downer, some GOOD things that happened this week...
Watching the boys enjoy the fountains on campus
Watching Case run laps around the clock tower on campus
Watching Liam watch students play basketball - and loving it!
Enjoying the "no-electricity" after the kids went to bed...taking time to just talk with Josh - with no TV distractions.
I got to blog today - A LOT! A nice thing to do when you feel tired and icky.

Riding the Big Boy Bike

After C got a turn with his new big boy bike, the kids took a turn. I got a pic of most of them on it.