Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Little Engineer

Last month, C convinced Immie to take him to Toys R'Us. He knew that it was a massive toy store, but he didn't remember ever visiting it. Mom took them into the store and told them they had X-amount of money to spend.

Each of the boys actually spent under their limit. Hurray for money-ignorant-aged children!

Liam of course picked out a ball. An Elmo ball to be exact. He sleeps with it. He constantly holds it. But that's a whole blog post in itself.

Casen picked some sort of contraption that you pour water through the top and as the water flow down, it turns several wheels. I knew how it worked before he even tried it out because he went through an entire explanation on its function.

Once outside, he tried water. Then he experimented with other substances. Mud. Muddy water. Leaves. Little rocks. Through the process, he would explain to Liam what was happening. My little engineer experimenting. Made this scientist heart swell!

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