Monday, March 05, 2012

Getting My Craft On

I don't do a lot of crafts, but lately, I've been doing quite a bit.

Which means I've done 2 projects.

Here's the first one I did with Mom for Casen's Tire-themed birthday party.

Using tires from Casen's toy tractor, we made tire treads on t-shirts for the boys and signs to hang. Worked out well, and it was easy. We even had some help from the boys.

I'm finishing up my second project, but here it is.

Mom got the idea from Pinterest. You pick three different materials and cut out petal shapes. Then you arrange them into a flower pattern on a canvas. I did purples because i'm re-doing my bedroom currently. Mom did one with blues/greens - it's really pretty.


Amber said...

Cute projects! I can't believe Josh is letting you do a purple bedroom. He must really love you :)

Amanda said...

: )

Jacqueline said...

Go girl! I may have to steal the petal idea!