Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cold Zoo Visit

We went to the zoo on Tuesday thinking that it wouldn't be too cold. It was freezing! We weren't there long, but long enough to enjoy the new Children's section. My parents and Adub and Heidi all got to go too.

The petting zoo part was neat. I loved the little goats. All the different colors. They were a bit shy still until a peacock came walking by (the peacocks roam everywhere in the zoo). Those goats were following that peacock around like it was for supper.

The playground area was fun with the slides and rope bridge.

In the summertime, the kids can wade in the water, but that day Case had to settle throwing rocks into the water. And by getting as close as possible to the water.

There's a flamingo egg nesting area where you can sit on fake flamingo eggs. Case would have none of that!

Heidi and Case had fun playing in the forest area - running underneath the canopy of branches or going into the teepees of straw.

Even though it was COLD, we still had a good visit.

How To Do Laundry Casen's Way...

Awhile back, the Pig Named Cow played in a rain puddle and went swimming in the toilet bowl. At first, Case was very upset about Cow having to be washed, but then he discovered that Cow survived. Now from time to time Case will ask if Cow can get washed again. Lately, Case will ask if we can wash any laundry. If I'm doing laundry, he is right there in the mix of things. This week, I did more laundry than planned because Case asked if we could do a load. Thanks to an industrious little boy, I now will have a weekend where I wouldn't have to do laundry and be okay for the week.
Here's how you do laundry according to Case:

1. Find the empty laundry basket and put it on your head or at least drag it around. This will make the point that you MUST do laundry now.

2. Talk to Mama as she sorts a load out to do. Play with your cars if she takes too long.

3. As Mama walks through the livingroom, you are reminded of the task at hand. Jump up with enthusiasm and run down to the laundry room.

4. Put the clothes in the washer after Mama starts the water running. While Mama puts in the soap and gets the fabric softener ball ready, give a running commentary as to what you put in the washer. "Pink towel....Daddy's shirt....Mama's pants..." Throw in something wrong to see if Mama is paying attention. "Daddy's shirt" for Baby's shirt.

5. After the clothes are all inside the washer, you throw the fabric softener ball inside the washer.

6. Make sure Mama closes the washer lid. Reminding her is good too.

7. If you are around and not too busy, help Mama put the wet clothes into the dryer.

8. Point out that the clothes are wet. Give instructions that you want Mama to put a "big load" into your arms so you can deliver a lot of clothes into the dryer at once. Point out that the clothes are wet again. And that they are getting your arms wet.

9. Once Mama retrieves the dry clothes and brings them into the living room to fold, run over to the basket and pick out your favorite items. Towels become warm robes for you when you are "cold." Your favorite pair of dog pajama pants are fun to swing around. Baby's orange onesie is fun to hold since its your favorite color. Put Daddy or Mama's (or both) clothes on yourself and strut around.

10. Tell Mama to give you a lot of clothes to put up. March down to your room (having a helping hand down the stairs) and unload your clothes in the drawer that it belongs.

11. Inform Mama that there are more dirty clothes to wash.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Girls' Night

So our Girls' Night has changed...just a bit.

Hair color changes. Boyfriends, break-ups, and weddings. 5 (soon to be 6) degrees later. Moves across states and one across the Atlantic. 3 kids later.

Meeting at Freshmen Orientation. Road Trip to Colorado. Spending the night in April and April's dorm room sleeping on the floor because I was afraid to sleep by myself in my room (I would watch Profiler in their room on the weekends). Planning Adub's bachlorette party. Staying up WAY too late the night of the party. Having both April and April visit me in the hospital when I had Liam.

So our Girls' Night this time didn't entail a movie at the theater. Not a massage or pedicure either. No road trip either. But eating nachos with three kids among us was still just as fun. Even when the husbands crashed the party. We had some time to laugh, talk, eat cake, and watch Twilight together once Josh took C and L home and Clint got Heidi to bed. Good, good times.

Liam and His Apple

Case has begun calling April "Apple", and it stuck. Whenever April wasn't at our house, Case would ask where Apple was at and would say, "I want Apple."

Liam got held a lot by April. He even had her trained by Tuesday to walk him around the house. haha
I'm so glad my boys have her as an aunt!

And I think she likes being their aunt too...I love these pictures of Liam and her together.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Family Pictures

We took some family pictures with Josh's fam since most of us were present. This was a difficult feat with so many little ones and a balloon! My personal favorites though are of the little red-headed girl that wandered into them - gotta love Heidi! She was probably wondering what these crazy people were doing.

What Liam Did After the Party...

Liam slept the entire party. He started stirring so Adub took advantage that no grandparents were around and picked him up. Then while we waited for pizza and ate, Liam was passed around and loved.

Friday, March 12, 2010


The party finale was the choo choo pinata! Case got to go first then we went from youngest to oldest. None of the little ones could get a good hit in...until Tulle stepped up to the plate. She was the experienced 3-year-old. Then the older nieces took a good whack at it, but still, nothing! Finally, Josh and Tana ripped it open for the kids to collect the candy!

And what was the pinata made out of? A liquor box. Nice.