Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating

We had a ball last night* trick or treating! This was the first year that Case understood what was going down. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "Wait! Everybody we KNOW is just giving out candy?!?"

We visited Immie and Bunny first. Then we trick or treated at the Edmond grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa. They had the front door rigged where a dalmation was in the rocking chair and they would pass candy out of the side window.

Then we hit the neighborhood up. There wasn't a lot of houses giving out candy, and we didn't get too far, but that was probably good. We got plenty of candy, and Case was ready to go home by the end of the designated hours**. Case would go up to the door and yell while knocking, "Open up! Trick or treat! Give me some candy!"

Case also thought part of the time he was an actual racecar. He would gallop and make car noises. He was quite the riot!

*Apparently, living in the Bible Belt means we move trick or treating to non-church, non-school nights.

**Most of the neighborhoods in the area have designated trick or treating hours too.

Getting Our Money's Worth

This year, my boys wore their costumes 5 times...yes, that's right. I managed to get my money's worth out of those costume this year!

They trick or treated at Mamaw's house on Saturday while we were in town then Sunday trunk or treated at Immie and Bunny's church. Thursday was a big day - Halloween party at their babysitter's followed by trick or treating at the zoo that night.

This year, we made the zoo circuit much quicker. We didn't stop and take as many pictures as we did last year. The race car driver didn't want to take pictures, and we had a gnome who probably wouldn't have gotten back INTO the stroller once he was out.

The boys loved the big costumes - like the dancing robot and the duck. Case gave hugs to them several times. Sweet boy.

Liam got his second wind about a quarter of the way through the circuit, and he was all smiles after that! Case ate candy as we went so that kid ingested a large amount that night. When we got home, he was eating a hershey's candy bar and goes, " tummy hurts!" Welcome to Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Dear Second-Born

Dear Liam,

Even though things are different for you than they were for Case, not all of the differences are bad. You my child get to eat sugary, fatty yumminess earlier than your brother. Last weekend, you got to have cheeto puffs at your Mamaw's house. Which you of course loved. And here and there, you've been caught with Casen's cup chugging coke or juice down. We are getting more vigilant about not leaving cups down now due to your quick crawls! And finally, you got a sucker at the Trunk or Treat and had it for a little while. And now you know what real apple-flavored sugar tastes like. Pretty good stuff, ain't it?

So see. We do love you as much as the first. You got sugar earlier.

Love you L Child,
Your Mama

Trunk or Treat

Sunday night, we got back into town and got ready for the Trunk or Treat at Mom and Dad's church. Racecar Driver was a hit and had to pose by a racecar he found in the parking lot.

Our little garden gnome wouldn't keep his beard and hat on most of the time (as expected) so here is what I heard:

"Oh look, Santa Claus!"

"Oh look, he's an elf."

"Oh, you're a wizard."

"Oh look, you're're so cute!"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun With Fam

Over the Fall Break weekend, we went down to see family and for Josh's high school reunion. We had a good time - Mamaw and Papa watched all the Oklahoma grandkids that night: Tana, Kota, Graeson, Jaci, Case, and Liam. It was a full house when we got there - even Grammy came to visit that weekend!
We had a good time at PawPaw and Memaw's too. Case as usual finds plenty of things to do out in the country!

The boys showed Mamaw their costumes (more pictures to comes!) and Liam walked around with help from the walking toy - won't be too long until he will be walking on his own!

As usual, C and Jaci are best pals. One reason it's so hard to leave is because I hear Case cry, "I want to stay with Jaci!"
This time around there were two other little ones joining the fun. Graeson can keep up with them well and no hows to bug Jaci - he's been practicing on his two older sisters. He was so funny and onery! After Rocky and Jeremy got there, I would hear, "Leave her alone!" It's like Jaci has a little brother - ha!
L Child tried to keep up with the big kids. They all would be playing in a room, and the walking ones would come zooming out followed by a crawling, yelling Liam. As if he was saying, "Where did you go guys?"