Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting Our Money's Worth

This year, my boys wore their costumes 5 times...yes, that's right. I managed to get my money's worth out of those costume this year!

They trick or treated at Mamaw's house on Saturday while we were in town then Sunday trunk or treated at Immie and Bunny's church. Thursday was a big day - Halloween party at their babysitter's followed by trick or treating at the zoo that night.

This year, we made the zoo circuit much quicker. We didn't stop and take as many pictures as we did last year. The race car driver didn't want to take pictures, and we had a gnome who probably wouldn't have gotten back INTO the stroller once he was out.

The boys loved the big costumes - like the dancing robot and the duck. Case gave hugs to them several times. Sweet boy.

Liam got his second wind about a quarter of the way through the circuit, and he was all smiles after that! Case ate candy as we went so that kid ingested a large amount that night. When we got home, he was eating a hershey's candy bar and goes, " tummy hurts!" Welcome to Halloween!

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