Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun With Fam

Over the Fall Break weekend, we went down to see family and for Josh's high school reunion. We had a good time - Mamaw and Papa watched all the Oklahoma grandkids that night: Tana, Kota, Graeson, Jaci, Case, and Liam. It was a full house when we got there - even Grammy came to visit that weekend!
We had a good time at PawPaw and Memaw's too. Case as usual finds plenty of things to do out in the country!

The boys showed Mamaw their costumes (more pictures to comes!) and Liam walked around with help from the walking toy - won't be too long until he will be walking on his own!

As usual, C and Jaci are best pals. One reason it's so hard to leave is because I hear Case cry, "I want to stay with Jaci!"
This time around there were two other little ones joining the fun. Graeson can keep up with them well and no hows to bug Jaci - he's been practicing on his two older sisters. He was so funny and onery! After Rocky and Jeremy got there, I would hear, "Leave her alone!" It's like Jaci has a little brother - ha!
L Child tried to keep up with the big kids. They all would be playing in a room, and the walking ones would come zooming out followed by a crawling, yelling Liam. As if he was saying, "Where did you go guys?"

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