Sunday, October 03, 2010

Parents Beware of Elmo

So yeah, this DVD is disappearing at our house. When Case got it last Christmas, he started saying, "Mine!" a whole lot more. We thought it might be from this DVD, but he's also 2.

Fastforward to today - Case hasn't watched it in ages. He watches it, and since then he has been screaming like Elmo, "That's mine!!!!"

The moral of the story? 28 minutes of "Mine!" outweighs the last 2 minutes of Elmo actually sharing. Even an almost-3-yr-old can't put the lesson together at the end of 30 minutes.


April said...

That's just really too bad that they couldn't have integrated the actual sharing part a lot more in the video. :(

Alyson said...

My sister in law had an elmo book where you push buttons and it says stuff. It was about bedtime and one of the buttons said something like, "Elmo's not sleepy!" So guess what Carter said at bedtime ALL THE TIME. Elmo is really not very helpful! I mean, as adults we get the point they're trying to make, but it's completely lost on 2 and 3 year olds!