Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Dear Second-Born

Dear Liam,

Years from now, you will probably look back at albums and blogs and realize that you don't have as many pictures and videos as your big brother. You don't have monthly photo shoots to show your growth. Sometimes I feel guilty about that fact, but then we have moments like these pictures show. Your big brother is so busy, he doesn't have time to pose for his fall pictures. So you get your own personal fall photo shoot. I think I took about a hundred pictures of you with the pumpkins - you are so cute!

And one more thing: be thankful you are the 2nd-born child. We might not even have pictures of the next one.

Love you sweet child of mine,
Your Mama

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Mom aka Kimberly said...

Don't worry - we do have lots of pictures of Liam (even if we don't have the monthly growth charted ones) I have about a hundred on my camera right now of the boys and that is just the ones since Friday. LOL