Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating

We had a ball last night* trick or treating! This was the first year that Case understood what was going down. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "Wait! Everybody we KNOW is just giving out candy?!?"

We visited Immie and Bunny first. Then we trick or treated at the Edmond grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa. They had the front door rigged where a dalmation was in the rocking chair and they would pass candy out of the side window.

Then we hit the neighborhood up. There wasn't a lot of houses giving out candy, and we didn't get too far, but that was probably good. We got plenty of candy, and Case was ready to go home by the end of the designated hours**. Case would go up to the door and yell while knocking, "Open up! Trick or treat! Give me some candy!"

Case also thought part of the time he was an actual racecar. He would gallop and make car noises. He was quite the riot!

*Apparently, living in the Bible Belt means we move trick or treating to non-church, non-school nights.

**Most of the neighborhoods in the area have designated trick or treating hours too.


Alyson said...

Ok, first of all, the Garden Gnome costume is SO cute!

I was kind of expecting that they'd move trick or treating times here too, but they didn't.

kellie said...

"Get candy, get candy, get candy ..." Seriously, that tape you gave us was the ONLY thing that got us out of Oklahoma without too many tears :) And, of course cute costumes!

kellie said...

that last comment sounded like cute costumes also got us out of Okla ... no, I meant your kids' costumes were cute :) We didn't wear costumes when we drove away; don't worry.