Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with Gram, Immie, and Bunny

Gram visited us and got to stay for about two weeks. This was her first time to meet Liam, and the second time to see Case. We had a good time with her - she even got to be here for Easter!

Easter Morning

We got pictures of what the Easter Bunny brought.

We got pictures of us all dressed up before church. (Case took the picture of Josh and me.)

We even got to church early.

It was an Easter miracle.

Coloring Easter Eggs

The boys had fun decorating Easter eggs this year.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Day

Last weekend, some friends from church organized a huge Easter Egg Hunt Day for all the families. It was great!

Gram was (and is still) in town so she got to come too!

The Easter Bunny was there. Can you tell Liam was super excited?

Case got to decorate cookies and draw.

Then they had three separate areas for different ages for the Egg Hunt. So smart. I went with L Child while Mom took C. As you can see from the his hunt, C made out like a bandit.

L Child took up with a new friend named Eloise. She's from France - isn't she a cutie?!? He also got to hunt for eggs with some other friends from Bible Class: Ben, Paige, and Livi. Bunch of cuties.

When we weren't busy with all that, we all were taking turns holding Talla. Another cutie.

For His Mud Pies

During the Easter Egg hunt at church last weekend, C picked up some goodies for his mud pies.

Gavin's 1st Bday Party

We got to go to Gavin's 1st Bday party last month too. Funtimes!

Too Cold For Soccer

We were glad that the other team didn't show - it was too cold that day in March!

Play Time

What Casen Sees...

....or at the least what he loves. C likes to take pictures now - here's some of the best ones.