Saturday, April 23, 2011

Josh's Birthday Non-Surprise

Last month (I know, I've been MIA in the blogging world - blame it on the end of the semester!), the day before Josh's birthday, I went and bought him his birthday gifts. He really wanted a fishing pole so that was his main gift. I picked the boys up from Mimi's, and they saw the fishing pole. When we got home, they helped me wrap his gifts. Casen and I talked about surprises and how he couldn't tell Daddy about his gift. Many times that evening. We even hid the gifts in a place Daddy would never look - the top of Casen's closet.

Apparently, this is the gist of what occurred while I was putting Liam down for bed that evening:

[Josh walks in from work. Case is on the couch watching TV.]

Casen: Hi Daddy. Do you want to know where your gifts are?

Josh: Hi Casen. How was your day? (ignores question)

Casen: Do you want to know where your gifts are? In my closet!

Josh: Hahaha Okay. I think that's supposed to be a secret.

Casen: Do you want to know what they are? A fishing pole! A shirt!

[Josh proceeds to call his mom in the garage to tell her the story before I come out and find out that the surprise was not a surprise anymore.]

[I come out of Liam's room. Casen starts crying because he really wants Daddy to open his gifts.]

[Daddy opens his gifts. Early. And not a surprise.]

Since then, it's become apparent that Case can't keep things quiet. When we play hide-and-go-seek, he yells from his hiding spot, "I'm in the closet!"

Liam on the other hand might be able to keep a secret one day. He goes and hides now and won't come out when you call him. He waits until you find him - near a heart attack that you've lost him.

The boys keep us on our toes!

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Jacqueline said...

Funny little guys! Case stories crack me up! What a man!