Friday, August 26, 2011

Bedtime Sprint

Now that Liam is getting older, both boys are playing more together. They talk to each other (though I have no idea what they are actually saying usually). They laugh together. And yes, they fight, but for the time being, not a whole lot. They are brothers that love each other.

Sigh. (Wiping tears from my eyes)

So now you know why I was crazy enough to let them "try" to sleep in the same bed. I had been thinking about how it might be difficult to transition L Child from his crib to a toddler bed. Maybe it would be easier if sometimes he slept with C. I mentioned it to Josh that maybe we should try it some Friday night. He suggested it might be a good idea to try it now. The boys LOVED the idea. So why not? Right?

After several minutes of maniacal laughing coming from Casen's room where two little boys were tucked in together it got a little calm. Josh and I started to watch something on TV relaxing and enjoying the moment.

All of a sudden, Wild Man Liam sprints into the living room laughing hysterically and bounds into the boys' Lightning McQueen tent which is next to the couch.

After I stopped laughing and could control myself (Josh was still laughing), I got Liam and rocked him and put him in his crib.

Casen needed some comfort. He was upset. Not because Liam was in his own bed. Nope, my little rule-follower was upset that Liam had gotten out of bed when it was time to go to sleep.

Maybe C will be the voice of reason when he and L child are 18 and 16.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cruise 101

Josh and I got to take our tenth anniversary trip this past week. We had a blast!

I never had a desire to go on a cruise, but when Josh and I started checking prices for a trip away together, the cruise made sense. We couldn't beat the price so we decided to go for it. I had second thoughts when we first boarded the ship. The first day was a bit boring. Once we got going though, there was plenty of things for us to do on the ship, and we had fun in Mexico.

Some things I learned on our first cruise...

1. As much as I needed (and enjoyed) a break from the kids, I'm glad we spent some special time together before departing on our separate vacations. By the third night away, I was ready for some Skype time with the kids.

2. Traveling to the port was half the fun (at least on the way there). We took the scenic route stopping to take pictures. We started a great book. We even went to a late movie once we got to the hotel like the old days of dating.

3. Take lots of pictures. I think this trip produced the most pictures we have of ourselves in a long time.

4. The relaxed boat schedule was just what we needed. Our lives are so busy, especially during the school year - it was good for us to just relax and not really have anywhere we needed to be most of the time. Not to mention the fact that we were pretty much "unplugged" the entire trip. I didn't use my cell phone and laptop for 5 days. And lived.

5. Don't bring so much. I've always been an awful packer. I bring everything I *might* need which translates into waaaay too many clothes. I should've brought less everyday clothes and more swimsuits. Thanks to my cousin Becky, I had plenty of dresses on the cruise to dress up in at night (and some for just the day - just because!).

6. I probably wouldn't bring kids on a cruise. Well, let me clarify. I definitely wouldn't bring little ones on a cruise. I think it would be difficult to keep them away from the edge of the boat. Most of the parents of small kids that I saw didn't look like they were on vacation. Once the kids were older and wouldn't jump off the ship, I still think a cruise like this wouldn't be for them. A disney cruise probably would be more appropriate; pretty sure kids were bored on our ship.

7. We ported in two spots - Progresso and Cozumel. Progresso was pretty undeveloped with a beach that had cold water. I'm glad we had opted to take a Mayan Ruins tour there. A bonus was that some of our friends from dinner ended up being on our tour bus so we got to hang together at the Ruins and meet up with some other friends once we got to the beach.

8. I loved Cozumel. I probably would do another cruise, but I would prefer to just go back to Cozumel and stay in a resort there. We only had about 8 hours in Cozumel so I would love to go back and experience more. Josh and I haven't done a lot of traveling so Cozumel was a good spot for us to have our own adventure instead of signing up for a scheduled excursion. Renting a scooter was a blast...even though it was a bit scary driving on the highway there on it and when we got a flat on the edge of town...the beach was the best I've been to ever (I've been to a couple in California, one in Florida, and several off the coast of Texas in the Gulf)....and exploring the shops around town was fun despite the heat.

9. Meeting people was fun...even for an introvert like myself. We had assigned seating every night for dinner. I'm glad we had such a great group of people we ate with every night. Good conversation and new friends - wasn't counting on that on this trip.*

10. Coming home to the kids was awesome. There was much celebrating.

*I should clarify: I didn't think I'd have good conversation with anyone else besides my husband.

Good For the Soul

Spending time with friends is such a blessing....especially when cheesecake is involved.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Liam's Heavens

Liam discovered one of his Heavens in Branson (Casen enjoyed it as well): the Ball Factory. A 3-story huge building where you can throw balls, launch them from giant shooting machines, or even suck them up with a ginormous vacuum. He didn't want to ever leave.

This past Sunday, I think Liam was in heaven in the nursery. We were visiting another church where Josh was doing a parenting seminar. I went to check on Liam during our afternoon break. I walk into the room to see Liam standing surrounded by three teenage girls. They would give him a toy. He would look at it, play with it for a minute, throw it down, and automatically get handed another toy...or a cheerio. Whatever he preferred. When he wasn't getting waited on, he got held and carried around by some little 50-lb girl. Needless to say, he loved his three-to-one attention.

Monday, August 01, 2011

One of the Best Things To Do in Branson

We got to Ride the Ducks while we were in Branson. Josh recently blogged about how having kids changes vacation, but we can still have fun by seeing it through their eyes. Ride the Ducks was one of those things that I probably would've rated just "OK", but through the eyes of a child - it was great!

First, who wouldn't want to ride in a car that turns into a boat?!?

And you get to blow duck calls! Really loud!


Branson Lessons #2 & 3

It is not possible to go somewhere without having to go to Wal-Mart at least once.

Who gets to push Liam the King around in his stroller is definitely worth fighting over.