Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Liam's Heavens

Liam discovered one of his Heavens in Branson (Casen enjoyed it as well): the Ball Factory. A 3-story huge building where you can throw balls, launch them from giant shooting machines, or even suck them up with a ginormous vacuum. He didn't want to ever leave.

This past Sunday, I think Liam was in heaven in the nursery. We were visiting another church where Josh was doing a parenting seminar. I went to check on Liam during our afternoon break. I walk into the room to see Liam standing surrounded by three teenage girls. They would give him a toy. He would look at it, play with it for a minute, throw it down, and automatically get handed another toy...or a cheerio. Whatever he preferred. When he wasn't getting waited on, he got held and carried around by some little 50-lb girl. Needless to say, he loved his three-to-one attention.

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Mom aka Kimberly said...

Both of those are sooooo Liam! I love the bottom photo - he looks as if he has been having some serious FUN!!!