Friday, October 28, 2011

Movie Time

We took the boys to see Cars 2 at the Dollar Theater. It was Casen's second movie at the theater; Liam's first. They lasted through the entire movie. Case only asked if it was over about five times.

Liam sat down for awhile with Josh. Then sat with me. Then sat by himself. Then took his shoes off. Then walked up and down our row. (I know - gross, right?) Thankfully, there were a bunch of other small kids there making more noise than L Child so we never had to get up. And thankfully the movie didn't last any longer-I would've had to step out with L Child.

Case loved the movie of course. It was full of cars. Cars that could fly around. Cars that could shoot. What's not to love?

We Clean Up Well

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch this year. There were lots of things to do.

Fall Projects

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the trees by the science building have changed a beautiful shade of red. I had the bright idea then for the boys and I to take a Fall Walk. We would collect pretty fall leaves. I had grand thoughts about making some pretty fall leaf cards for people.

Then we actually starting walking and looking around. None of the leaves had changed in our neighborhood. The boys just found dead brown ones. Liam kept scooping dead leaf clumps into his bucket.
It wasn't the Fall Project I had in mind.

At least we enjoyed the walk that morning.

Today, C and I worked on a new fall project: decorating ourselves in stickers. Hey, they're Halloween stickers so it counts as a Fall Project.

Then we got really crafty:
After Liam woke up, we made a giant Halloween mural with some old computer print paper I found in the chem lab.

Maybe one day we'll make pretty fall leaf cards. In the meantime, never fear. This workin' mama brings home old stuff from lab for crafts.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Highs and Lows of the Week Thus Far

High: I was able to explain some pchem problems while writing on scratch paper...on a hood of a the wind one morning. I feel like I've arrived as a pchem teacher now.

Low: Having to stay up after midnight writing a pchem exam. Felt like I was in grad school working...or last time I taught the class.

High: L Child now refers to me as "Dah Mama." I love my new title. (And nobody else has a title (yet) from L Child; he doesn't say, "Dah Daddy." Just sayin'.

Low: L Child seems to be getting into the "terrible twos." I hate using that term because I feel like it's so negative and makes it sound like a kid is terrible all the time. BUT you know what I mean. Fit throwing becomes a way to see if he can get his way. Grumpy and oversensitive. Wants what he wants NOW. Though L Child is not like this all the time (or even much of the time for that matter), it still has been shocking because he is so laid-back usually. Plus, C began this stage at about 18 months. I thought since L was past 18 months, maybe he would skip this stage. Right.

High: Reading to the boys. We do this almost every day, but this week has been memorable. I remember Case loved Dogs: A Counting Book, Go Dog, Go!, and Goodnight Moon a lot when he was younger. Liam enjoys Goodnight Moon, but LOVES Goodnight Gorilla. I wonder if he thinks a gorilla might climb into his bed one night.

Low: Getting that horrible stomach virus Sunday night. I had forgotten how truly terrible it is to vomit so much. Ugh.*

and finally, gotta end with a High: seeing the boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes. And seeing how they truly excited they are. (Pictures to come!)

*I apologize yet again for being gross on my blog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stillwater Visit

Last week, we drove up to Stillwater to see some friends. We went to Josh's old workplace for a baby shower. Even though I forgot to take pictures while we were there, we had a good time. It was nice to visit with everybody. This was Josh's first job, and many of them came to see Case at the hospital when he was born. Reminded me of how blessed we were in Stillwater.

Then we went over to some friends' house to visit and then out to Eskimo Joe's. It was so good to spend time with Wes, Sharbee, and Caleb. I was reminded of how much I enjoy these special people!

Case found a kindred spirit in Caleb who likes to make funny faces for the camera too!

The boys were impressed with Eskimo Joe's - who wouldn't be?

Caleb was born the first year we lived in Stillwater. He is a sweetie - shared his toys with the boys, gave each boy a tattoo, and even demonstrated the fine art of pool-playing to C.

I have to admit I was sad to leave. As difficult as it was at times to be in grad school, Stillwater has a little bit of our hearts. Good friends and a special congregation blessed our time there.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Surprise Birthday Party!

We went down to Chatty a couple of weekends ago. Sheri had planned a surprise birthday party for Jack. It was fun to surprise him and see a lot of the family again.

And I couldn't resist...
Like Father,

Like son.

On a positive note*

For the first time, the boys got a stomach virus. I know, I know, we are sooooo blessed that they haven't gotten one ever up to this point. I've been dreading this inevitable part of parenting. I've heard horror stories from other parents about kids vomiting on them or having to go to the ER. About a month ago, Josh and I got a particularly nasty stomach virus. Thankfully, we were staggered-sick through the night for the most part so the boys were quarantined from whoever was sick. They didn't catch it.

Then they got sick yesterday.

Poor Mom and Dad were watching the boys when C first got sick.

Here are a few things I'm thankful for though:

1. I didn't throw up when I was holding C while he was throwing up.
2. I didn't throw up when C threw up on me.
3. I didn't throw up when L Child threw up on me.**
4. The bug could've been worst: lasted longer, had horrible tummy pains, etc.
5. We have another reason to replace our living room carpet thanks to red gatorade and a sick 3-yr-old.
6. The boys were troopers. They didn't complain, moan, and whine while sick. They just wanted to be held or lay on the couch.

Here's to hoping that we all get to sleep tonight and NONE of the adults get the bug!

*Weak stomach? Probably should skip this post.

**Sorry for the multiple uses of throwing up or vomiting. I might throw up now thinking about all that vomiting from last night.

Big Brothers Are Good For...

...teaching little brothers how to ride a tricycle. L Child is still learning, but he'll be flying around the house pretty soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Grandkids!

Earlier this month, the family had a surprise birthday party for Grammy's 80th. It was much like a family reunion. Here is a picture of Grammy with all of her great grandkids (minus 2 I think).

These are the best two pictures I got of the kids.

Enough pictures!

Outside Time

L Child is a big boy now. He can climb up the playground now by himself (most days).

L Child making his "sad face."

He was just pretending he was sad though - can't you tell?

Talking to the dogs.

C telling me his trucks are broken. He needs to fix them.

The weather has been great right now - perfect to play outside.

Lake Lessons

Earlier last month, we went to the lake with the boys, some college kids, and some friends from church. Things that C and L Child learned (their friend Brody already knew these lessons):

"Tubing" is fun.

Big brothers are good for something.

This fun contraption is a must-buy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I apologize...

...if my kid jumps out and surprises (scares) you at the store.

The other night, my mom and I took the boys to Hobby Lobby so we could get their costume materials. They were wound to the max to say the least. There's something about going to the store at 6 PM for them.

While I was getting material cut (and Mom was tracking down some other important costume item), the boys were playing around all the colorful bolts of material. I look over, and C jumps out and yells surprise at some unsuspecting guy looking at material. Thankfully, that guy just smiled and hurried off.

Okay, the guy more like ran away.

I told C that we shouldn't scare people. It might make some people upset.

Fastforward 10 minutes: I look over and Case is directing traffic in the aisle. He made sure to stop the 3 pretty teeny bopper girls coming down the aisle.
They were amused and thought he was cute. Not sure if that will work when he is 16.

Where was L Child during all this? Taking notes from big brother.

And before you judge too quickly. I usually don't let the boys run wild in a store - it's too much freedom for them to walk in a store. They can't seem to handle it. BUT have you ever seen the baskets at Hobby Lobby? They are so little! Each boy started off in his own cart, but (1) they can only hunker down in the small space for so long or (2) I can only keep pulling them back so many times because they almost fall out standing in the cart.

So I'll blame my Hobby Lobby parenting on the store.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A couple of nights ago, I walked by C's room. He wasn't asleep yet even though it was about 10 PM. I went in his room and asked him he was having trouble falling asleep. He nodded.

I curled up next to him and told him that sometimes I count when I'm having trouble falling asleep.

He replies, "Nah, I'm dream'in Mama....dreaming about tractors."

Then we laughed together.

Maybe that's why he couldn't fall asleep. He was excited thinking about tractors.

That boy. Sometimes I wonder if I'll remember these funny events. That's why I blog. When I'm old and wrinkled, I can re-read my ramblings and remember my little boys when they were this age.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Trixie and Sheba

The boys enjoy playing with the turtles at Immie and Bunny's.

Not sure the feeling is reciprocated.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

...which hasn't been a whole lot really.

1. Finding new ways to torture my students (aka teaching pchem).

2. Somehow my necklace got caught on the chiropractor table, and I got stuck facedown. After I couldn't untangle it, and the doctor wondering why I wouldn't get up, I finally whispered, "I think I'm stuck - my necklace." The poor doctor had to crawl under the table and untangle my necklace.

3. Got to go to Grammy's surprise birthday party with the boys which was a lot like a fun family reunion where I got some great pictures (maybe I'll post them soon).

4. Had a Twilight marathon with my sis-in-law (she recently read the books for the first time), but our grand plans for a marathon turned into one movie + 15 mins of the next one. We aren't as young as we used to be!

5. Fall Premiere - watching a bunch of shows thanks to good ol' DVR.

6. Teaching the 4-yr-olds on Wednesday nights about creation. Last week we talked about rocks and volcanoes (as I did in Earth Science). I was told the boys (I only have boys) like my class a lot. Probably because I let them play Mario Cart (acting it out that is) and "Wildcrats" (you might think it should read "Wildcats", but I was informed, "No, it is Wiiilllldddcrrrats") at the end of class. Liam didn't have a class to go to this past Wednesday so he joined us. He was in hog heaven with all the big boys. Due to his hysterical laughing at anything the big boys did, he also managed to rile up the other boys further. Last night was a little wild to say the least.

7. Having dance parties with the boys. You can call it music education. I was in hysterics when I saw L Child bust out his moves. Let's just say Riverdance and J-Lo would be jealous.

I'm usually better about blogging once school begins. This semester though, I haven't blogged much. I think I know why. Blogging is usually my de-stressing hobby. I like to blog to take a break from work. BUT this is my first semester of teaching that I haven't had to work every night after the boys go to bed. I guess after six semesters of teaching, I have some good notes, and I'm a better time manager. I'm so busy with my other hobbies (TV, Josh, and cleaning - in no particular order - and my house is cleaner this semester than it ever has been before during a school year which means my house was disaster in years past), I haven't been keeping up in the blogger world.

Maybe this weekend I'll upload some pictures. I know you're dying to see some.