Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On a positive note*

For the first time, the boys got a stomach virus. I know, I know, we are sooooo blessed that they haven't gotten one ever up to this point. I've been dreading this inevitable part of parenting. I've heard horror stories from other parents about kids vomiting on them or having to go to the ER. About a month ago, Josh and I got a particularly nasty stomach virus. Thankfully, we were staggered-sick through the night for the most part so the boys were quarantined from whoever was sick. They didn't catch it.

Then they got sick yesterday.

Poor Mom and Dad were watching the boys when C first got sick.

Here are a few things I'm thankful for though:

1. I didn't throw up when I was holding C while he was throwing up.
2. I didn't throw up when C threw up on me.
3. I didn't throw up when L Child threw up on me.**
4. The bug could've been worst: lasted longer, had horrible tummy pains, etc.
5. We have another reason to replace our living room carpet thanks to red gatorade and a sick 3-yr-old.
6. The boys were troopers. They didn't complain, moan, and whine while sick. They just wanted to be held or lay on the couch.

Here's to hoping that we all get to sleep tonight and NONE of the adults get the bug!

*Weak stomach? Probably should skip this post.

**Sorry for the multiple uses of throwing up or vomiting. I might throw up now thinking about all that vomiting from last night.


Alyson said...

I have a super weak stomach when it comes to vomit, and upon marriage, Jim and I decided that I deal with blood and he deals with vomit. BUT when your kids are sick it's inevitable that you're going to have to deal with it, and I've surprised myself with how well I've dealt with it. I think God just gives you the intestinal fortitude you need when you need it.

Now OTHER people's kids' vomit. Ain't happening! :)

Tanaga said...

LOL...such a funny post. Another scary thought that crosses my mind when I think about having kids. It's nice to hear from you moms that it can be done...