Thursday, October 06, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

...which hasn't been a whole lot really.

1. Finding new ways to torture my students (aka teaching pchem).

2. Somehow my necklace got caught on the chiropractor table, and I got stuck facedown. After I couldn't untangle it, and the doctor wondering why I wouldn't get up, I finally whispered, "I think I'm stuck - my necklace." The poor doctor had to crawl under the table and untangle my necklace.

3. Got to go to Grammy's surprise birthday party with the boys which was a lot like a fun family reunion where I got some great pictures (maybe I'll post them soon).

4. Had a Twilight marathon with my sis-in-law (she recently read the books for the first time), but our grand plans for a marathon turned into one movie + 15 mins of the next one. We aren't as young as we used to be!

5. Fall Premiere - watching a bunch of shows thanks to good ol' DVR.

6. Teaching the 4-yr-olds on Wednesday nights about creation. Last week we talked about rocks and volcanoes (as I did in Earth Science). I was told the boys (I only have boys) like my class a lot. Probably because I let them play Mario Cart (acting it out that is) and "Wildcrats" (you might think it should read "Wildcats", but I was informed, "No, it is Wiiilllldddcrrrats") at the end of class. Liam didn't have a class to go to this past Wednesday so he joined us. He was in hog heaven with all the big boys. Due to his hysterical laughing at anything the big boys did, he also managed to rile up the other boys further. Last night was a little wild to say the least.

7. Having dance parties with the boys. You can call it music education. I was in hysterics when I saw L Child bust out his moves. Let's just say Riverdance and J-Lo would be jealous.

I'm usually better about blogging once school begins. This semester though, I haven't blogged much. I think I know why. Blogging is usually my de-stressing hobby. I like to blog to take a break from work. BUT this is my first semester of teaching that I haven't had to work every night after the boys go to bed. I guess after six semesters of teaching, I have some good notes, and I'm a better time manager. I'm so busy with my other hobbies (TV, Josh, and cleaning - in no particular order - and my house is cleaner this semester than it ever has been before during a school year which means my house was disaster in years past), I haven't been keeping up in the blogger world.

Maybe this weekend I'll upload some pictures. I know you're dying to see some.

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