Thursday, October 27, 2011

Highs and Lows of the Week Thus Far

High: I was able to explain some pchem problems while writing on scratch paper...on a hood of a the wind one morning. I feel like I've arrived as a pchem teacher now.

Low: Having to stay up after midnight writing a pchem exam. Felt like I was in grad school working...or last time I taught the class.

High: L Child now refers to me as "Dah Mama." I love my new title. (And nobody else has a title (yet) from L Child; he doesn't say, "Dah Daddy." Just sayin'.

Low: L Child seems to be getting into the "terrible twos." I hate using that term because I feel like it's so negative and makes it sound like a kid is terrible all the time. BUT you know what I mean. Fit throwing becomes a way to see if he can get his way. Grumpy and oversensitive. Wants what he wants NOW. Though L Child is not like this all the time (or even much of the time for that matter), it still has been shocking because he is so laid-back usually. Plus, C began this stage at about 18 months. I thought since L was past 18 months, maybe he would skip this stage. Right.

High: Reading to the boys. We do this almost every day, but this week has been memorable. I remember Case loved Dogs: A Counting Book, Go Dog, Go!, and Goodnight Moon a lot when he was younger. Liam enjoys Goodnight Moon, but LOVES Goodnight Gorilla. I wonder if he thinks a gorilla might climb into his bed one night.

Low: Getting that horrible stomach virus Sunday night. I had forgotten how truly terrible it is to vomit so much. Ugh.*

and finally, gotta end with a High: seeing the boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes. And seeing how they truly excited they are. (Pictures to come!)

*I apologize yet again for being gross on my blog.

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