Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I apologize...

...if my kid jumps out and surprises (scares) you at the store.

The other night, my mom and I took the boys to Hobby Lobby so we could get their costume materials. They were wound to the max to say the least. There's something about going to the store at 6 PM for them.

While I was getting material cut (and Mom was tracking down some other important costume item), the boys were playing around all the colorful bolts of material. I look over, and C jumps out and yells surprise at some unsuspecting guy looking at material. Thankfully, that guy just smiled and hurried off.

Okay, the guy more like ran away.

I told C that we shouldn't scare people. It might make some people upset.

Fastforward 10 minutes: I look over and Case is directing traffic in the aisle. He made sure to stop the 3 pretty teeny bopper girls coming down the aisle.
They were amused and thought he was cute. Not sure if that will work when he is 16.

Where was L Child during all this? Taking notes from big brother.

And before you judge too quickly. I usually don't let the boys run wild in a store - it's too much freedom for them to walk in a store. They can't seem to handle it. BUT have you ever seen the baskets at Hobby Lobby? They are so little! Each boy started off in his own cart, but (1) they can only hunker down in the small space for so long or (2) I can only keep pulling them back so many times because they almost fall out standing in the cart.

So I'll blame my Hobby Lobby parenting on the store.

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Jacqueline said...

Funny boys! And I hear you on the cart situation. Not a mother-friendly cart at all. ;)