Monday, September 19, 2005

What Scientists Watch on TV

So apparently there are surveys done that ask scientists random questions about their everyday lives in The Scientist magazine. I was eating lunch and picked up an old issue today. The poll question was asking scientists what they spend their time watching on TV. Most of their time was spent watching science documentaries. Really? Really? Are we lying here fellow scientists because we think that's what we're soppossed to watch on TV? Well, I can honestly say that science documentaries are NOT high on my TV watch list. I'm gearing up for LOST beginning again this Wednesday night.
I will say that watching comedy shows ranked fairly high with this group too. That's surprising. I would venture a guess that us chemists don't usually watch the comedy shows; I don't think we would follow it.

Favorite Quotes by a Chemist I Know

"Oh, that group is definitely organic chemists...they're still wearing their conference nametags in the restaurants...what nerds."
(The person that said this is an inorganic chemist.)

"He's like a camel. If you let his head in the tent, pretty soon his whole body will be there in the tent with you."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

No Embarrasing Moment Today

I just want to say that I managed to do a review session for a couple of hours without ripping my pants off (see two entries before if you're confused). I did run into the trashcan (a few times) walking backwards while I was explaining something...but hey, I'll take that over flashing a group of students anyday.

Chemist Competitiveness

I really think chemists are naturally competitive with each other. If someone had to stay up all night in the lab running a reaction, you know that person will tell you about it the next day. Then your reply will one-up that chemist by saying, "Yeah, well I was up all night writing a proposal." It's not totally uncommon for a chemist to take a stab at some other chemist's research and point out the defects (in a jokingly way). This competitiveness flows into other aspects of life of a chemist. Case in point, I was playing dots with a collegue of mine during a boring meeting. I was constantly scanning the dots looking for an edge and cringed when I would make a bad move. After I lost the game, I realized how competitive I became at a simple game of dots. I don't think I would have been as competitive if my opponent was a non-chemist. Later this month, our chemistry department will play our rival school's chemistry department at an annual softball game. Are chemists athletes? Uh, usually not. But that doesn't mean we won't get out there on the field and become competitive wannbe jocks. So do chemists become competitive from the program or are chemists naturally competitive and attracted to this field? I think it's probably a combination. We chemists are probably a bit gun-ho anyway, but the department just brings it out more. So for all you chemists (and other people that are in similar fields)...we've got to slow down and relax. It's okay if we're not the best. I say we need to chill on our competitiveness.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pretty Panties

It's pretty common knowledge that I'm not the most graceful person. It's not uncommon for me to stumble or run into furniture. Today was no different. During my office hours, I was tutoring several students (about 20 or so) in a large classroom. I kept running into tables and what not. Then I ran into this cabinet and somehow the handle caught hold of my back jean pocket. Yep, you guessed it. My jeans got ripped open with one butt cheek falling out. Oh, but do I notice right away? NO! I walk across the room and sit down to help another student. Some girl in there had pity on me (bless her!) and came and whispered the truth to me. So I finished with my chemistry explanation with one hand over my butt and then ran to my office two floors down and across to the other side of the building. I run into a friend of mine who sees me in a frantic rush. I quickly tell him, "I ripped my pants open - I'm going for my jacket!" He yells after me, "Are you hurt?" I yell back running down the stairs, "No! Just incredibly embarrassed!" I retrieve my jacket and wrap it around my waist. But I have to go back to my office hours. My time isn't up yet. Students are completely lost in chemistry. So I swallow my pride and walk back in there. Nobody said anything, but I'm sure everyone in the class will know soon enough. The class is over 100 students. Exciting news. Well, I guess it could have been way worse. At least, I was wearing pretty panties. Granny panties would have been more embarrassing. A thong would have been mortifying.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

7 Things

So my buddy April S. has requested me to fulfill the following lists of 7 things each (in no particular order and with a slight list change):

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die...
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • Be a mom.
  • Go to Europe.
  • Finish grad school.
  • Benchpress my weight.
  • Learn kickboxing or some other martial art fighting.
  • Learn to water ski.

7 Things I Can Do..

  • Explain chemistry (at least the basics).
  • Do the Karate Kid Crane kick.
  • Order Mexican food in the real language.
  • Clean like a professional maid (I just usually choose not to!)
  • Type correctly and quickly (thanks to high school keyboarding and IM on OC laptops).
  • Direct a marching band.
  • Bake some yummy desserts.

7 Things I Can't Do...

  • Camp in a tent.
  • Sing the harmony.
  • Whistle a tune (I can simply whistle).
  • Cut hair (and it look good).
  • Sleep with my closet door open.
  • Fully comprehend quantum mechanics.
  • Eat jalapeƱos.
7 Qualities I Like in the Opposite Sex...aka my husband Josh...
  • Strong Christian faith
  • Ability to make me laugh until I'm on the ground in hysterics
  • Smile with dimples
  • Talk about anything with me
  • Super strong
  • Systemic thinking compared to my linear thinking (that one's for you Josh!)
  • Encouraging attitude

7 Things I Say Most Often...

  • "Awesome!"
  • "Get out!" (not literally)
  • "No way!"
  • "What the crap?"
  • "Hellooooo!" (in the Kool-Aid Man voice from Seinfeld)
  • "Where are the lines?" (or anything with a hispanic accent; that one's for you April!)
  • "What in the world?"

7 Favorite Movies....

  • Shining Through
  • Braveheart
  • Walk in the Clouds
  • The Mummy Movies
  • Gone With the Wind
  • Cable Guy
  • Serendipity

7 People I Think Need To Do This List...

  • April E. (I stole you off April's list!)
  • Monica
  • Josh (you need to get a blog!)
  • uh, I don't know anybody else with a blog!
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Slow Group

So I love my group I have for lab. They are hardworking and fun. They follow the rules about appropriate lab wear and wearing their goggles. I don't have to be on their case about dumb stuff like that then.
But they're slow. Out of 6 labs, we have finished last everytime. And if you finish early we get to leave early! Yay! But we're usually there extra by a whole hour. I give them directions beforehand and ways to be efficient. I call out time warnings. I'll have to think about some ways to get them to quicken their pace. I got scared today when I overheard one student saying, "In all my labs, I always take the whole time...I'm always the slowest."
Maybe I should offer bonus points if they finish their labs in two hours instead of three...just kidding. At least, they have successful labs. Most of the time.